Each Zodiac Sign Has An Herb That Goes With It & Here's Yours

Connecting with our Earth is the quickest way to achieve clarity and purpose. If you're a believer in magic, the idea that each herb has a spirit of its own might not seem so wild to you. From medicinal uses to spiritual ones, Mother Nature often gives us what we need to revive ourselves. But with so many plants to choose from, it's helpful to know the herb that goes with your zodiac sign to help awaken your inner witch. Whenever you smudge herbs, utilize their essential oils, drink them as tea, plant them as seeds into your garden, or light an herb-infused candle, you're inviting its spirit into your life.

Each herb contains its own unique and irreplaceable properties, and it's important to discover which ones resonate with you the most. As for me (a Gemini with a Pisces moon), I adore having a batch of lavender on my desk, a few drops of rose oil perfuming my baths, and the feel of smoke from burning mugwort leaves swirling through my space. In some ways, herbs have transformed my life. In others, they've added ritualistic calm to my days.

While I believe there's an herb tailored perfectly to the needs of your zodiac sign, you shouldn't feel limited to just one. Every single herb can benefit your life, unless of course, you (or your pet) are allergic to its properties.

Aries: Eucalyptus

HomemadeMagicShop 2oz organic Eucalyptus leaf, $5.45, Etsy

When an Aries is moving at the speed of light, it's rare they find time to care about safety precautions. For them, adventure is more important. This is why eucalyptus acts as the guardian angel they've always needed. Protecting them from harms way and de-stressing their spirits when they get overwhelmed, eucalyptus suits the needs of an Aries perfectly.

Taurus: Thyme

MadamTrompeta 1 THYME Smudge Sitck $4.84, Etsy

Sensual Taurus will have all their sensations grounded through the use of thyme. Whether it be their bodies, minds, or souls that need purifying, thyme does it all. Encouraging sleep, psychic regeneration, and stress relief, it quells the chaos of their world. Attracting wealth and prosperity on top of it all, thyme makes this earth sign's dreams come true.

Gemini: Lavender

DoorandDecor LavenderStems $15.95, Etsy

When a Gemini is plagued by a restless mind and an anxious heart, lavender soothes their soul. Dispelling negative thoughts and replacing it with psychic contentment, lavender allows Gemini to realize their fullest power. When their goals get clouded by distractions, lavender removes their worries from sight.

Cancer: Juniper

WhisperingWindsShop Blue Sage & Juniper Smudge Sticks $5.99, Etsy

When a Cancer is inherently the guardian of the home and a natural nurturer of life, juniper allows them to protect all their loved ones from harm. It also attracts positive and purifying energy that fights against anything that threatens to weaken their psychic powers. When a Cancer takes so much on emotionally, juniper is there for them.

Leo: Rosemary

SecretGardenHerbs Organic Rosemary Sprigs $6, Etsy

The uses for rosemary are endless, which is just what an audacious Leo needs. It's memory enhancing abilities bring clarity and relief into their world. More importantly, it attracts prosperity, love, and fidelity in the form of magic. Whether applied as an oil or smudged through their space, rosemary brings Leo all the way to the top of the world.

Virgo: Honeysuckle

TheEssentialHippy Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil $20, Etsy

When a Virgo is always tossing and turning something over in their head, honeysuckle comes to their rescue. It allows them to organize the clutter in their minds and hush the logical part of their brain so that they can listen to their intuitions. To top it off, it also attracts prosperity, helping Virgo accomplish all their goals.

Libra: Rose

ChineseTeaCeremony Chinese Natural Organic Red Rose Tea $6.50+, Etsy

Partnership-oriented and hopelessly romantic Libra deserves nothing less than a rose. When they incorporate this herb into their lives, magic ensues. Roses invite love, awakens the intuition, and protects one from harm. If a Libra's heart isn't fluttering at the sight of a bouquet of roses, are they even a Libra?

Scorpio: Patchouli

LunamLove PATCHOULI Incense Cones $5, Etsy

When Scorpio is known for lust, power, and their psychic senses, no herb suits them more beautifully than patchouli. This herb initiates physical attraction, stimulates the third eye, and invites wealth and prosperity into their life. A Scorpio can feel fully connected to their innate strengths with this herb casting a spell on their life.

Sagittarius: Balsam Fir

botanicallampshades Balsam Fir Branches $12.50, Etsy

Not only does the smell of balsam fir conjure memories of winter, the season of their birth, this herb brings Sagittarius back to life. No matter how it's used, balsam fir causes the fire of initiation and creation. It speeds up progression, brings Sagittarius nearer to their dreams, and allows them to erect speedy transformation in their life.

Capricorn: Peppermint

OsaBotanicals Peppermint Handmade Beeswax Candle $18, Etsy

With Capricorn's intense level of determination and commitment, peppermint should be a staple in their herbal collection. It attracts wealth, increases power, brings luck, and even soothes one's system of ingested. Preparing a Capricorn to achieve all their goals, peppermint allows them to set an intention and stick with it.

Aquarius: Clove

ShantiAromatherapy Clove Essential Oil $3.50, Etsy

When clove induces visions of the future, purifies and repels negative energy, and even attracts endless prosperity, an Aquarius should be convinced that it's the right herb for them. When they have their sights set on healing and making the world a better place, there's nothing they won't be able to do with clove.

Pisces: Mugwort

IndigoDesertMoon, Mugwort Smudge Bundle $5, Etsy

When their preferred state of being is through daydreams, no herb meshes better with Pisces than mugwort. This herb is brimming with psychic properties as it is known for inducing lucid dreams and astral projection. While Pisces journeys through their subconscious, they can feel calm knowing that mugwort is heavily protective too.