Each Zodiac Sign Has A Fruit That Goes With It & Here's Yours

There's nothing quite like the feeling of biting through the skin of a ripened fruit and savoring the juice within. Especially on a hot summer day, fruits quench the thirst you didn't even realize you had and satiate hunger lingering deep inside you. Borne from Mother Nature's hands, they replenish your mind, body, and soul with their own signature benefits. Each fruit has a spirit of its own, and the fruit that matches each zodiac sign explains just what the nature of that spirit is.

With thousands of years of mythological symbolism trailing each fruit, they carry a world of meaning. More than just ingredients to a smoothie or glazed toppings on a cake, each fruit has spiritual connotations that express so much about the archetype of each sign in the zodiac. Sometimes typical stereotypes of the signs don't resonate with someone looking to astrology to understand more about who they are. By looking at which fruit connects most deeply to your zodiac sign and why, it might add another shade of meaning you've always needed. And, what better a way to feel comfortable in your skin than to indulge in your very own fruit and feel its power colliding with your own? Here's my interpretation of which fruit goes with each zodiac sign.

Aries: Peach

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore, it embodies energy, birth, and early childhood. When a peach symbolizes endless youth, according to Chinese mythology, no zodiac sign represents it better. Like the peach, Aries has a long life to look forward to.

Taurus: Pear

Taurus is closely connected to all five of the human senses and the embodiment of earthly pleasure. Like the enticing shape of a pear, a Taurus is just as sensual. The pear also symbolizes prosperity in ancient Chinese culture, and a Taurus is always concerned with wealth and happiness.

Gemini: Lemon

All throughout the histories of several cultures, lemons have symbolized the awakening of positive energy and the repelling of negative energy. When a Gemini wavers between polarities and comes out strong, there's no fruit that better defines their optimistic nature.

Cancer: Fig

When Cancer is the zodiac sign that governs family, motherhood, and the home, only the fig comes to mind. Symbolizing fertility and abundance since the days of the ancient Egyptians, it undeniably contains the nurturing spirit of Cancer.

Leo: Melon

In the words of author L.Z. Marie, the melon has historically been symbolic of "gluttony, luxury, wealth, and creativity." Since Leo rules over the astrological fifth house of pleasure and fun, embodying everything that makes life worth living, no fruit suits them better.

Virgo: Orange

Virgo is all about purity of the mind and it is represented by the Virgin. In Christian symbolism, the orange has consistently pertained to virginity, innocence, and fertility. It's the only fruit that appropriately captures all of a Virgo's elegance.

Libra: Strawberry

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and Venus rules over love, romance, harmony, and friendship. Overtime, the strawberry has become linked to the energy of Venus due to its heart-shaped figure. When Libra is just as in love as a strawberry, their connection is seamless.

Scorpio: Pomegranate

Mysterious Scorpio is symbolically tied to secrecy, death, and everything behind the veil. According to the ancient Greek story of Persephone, eating a Pomegranate is what kept her prisoner of the underworld forever. It only makes sense that it would be Scorpio's fruit.

Sagittarius: Grape

In ancient Roman mythology, Bacchus, the Roman god of debauchery, loved grapes and the wine that they make. Since Sagittarius is all about enjoying the spice of life and embarking on adventures, no other fruit captures their spirit better.

Capricorn: Apple

Capricorn is all about determination and the accumulation of knowledge and betterment. However, it often comes at a price. When the apple is symbolically tied to the biblical forbidden fruit that contains all the knowledge in the world, a Capricorn's temptation is explained.

Aquarius: Plum

Aquarius season takes place in the dead of winter, when the harshest part of winter weather is underway and we ready our world for the beginnings of spring. In Chinese philosophy, the plum symbolizes the perseverance required to survive the cold and welcome the warmth to come. It's a testament to Aquarian strength.

Pisces: Cherry

Being the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces represents the enduring journey of the soul and the wisdom that comes with old age. When cherries represent immortality and the renewal of life in ancient Chinese lore, no other sign resembles it better.