The Happiest Zodiac Signs Are Also Naturally Optimistic At Heart

by Valerie Mesa
Artem Varnitsin / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

There's a big difference between being perceived as a happy-go-lucky individual, and being more positive-minded than most. Looking on the bright side of any scenario doesn't mean you get to disregard your emotional reality. This is precisely why I believe these are the happiest zodiac signs — Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius — because they are simply optimistic by nature.

Leos can't help but light up a room, confrontation is the last thing on a Libra's mind, and there isn't another sign that can say they're as outgoing, optimistic, and brilliantly intellectual as a Sagittarius, because they thrive on knowledge. Still don't believe me? Fine by me; I'm more than happy to make my case as to why these signs are the most cheerful.

Leo: They're Childlike, Playful, And Shine Like The Sun

Ruled by the ever-burning sun, those born under the sign of Leo shine bright like a diamond; you can probably blame their shiny ruling planet for that. Although, despite their notorious reputation for being as flamboyant as can be, this fixed fire sign wants nothing more than to be happy. Leos permanently wear their giant hearts on their sleeves. This is probably why most people think they're attention-seeking and dramatic, when in reality they're simply being as authentic as possible. Truth is, it takes a lot of courage to be this way, and Leo has nothing to hide.

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Libra: They're Justice-Seeking And Lovers Of Harmony

If it were up to this cardinal air sign, anything remotely dramatic would not exist. Ruled by irresistible Venus, planet of love and beauty, Libras prefer to surround themselves with beauty and all things aesthetically pleasing. In addition to that, they'll stop at nothing to be in good company; hence, a lot of them can typically be found in a romantic relationship. Disagreements are inevitable in life — but at least with a Libra, you know the outcome is going to be well-balanced, because compromising is a Libra's favorite pastime.

Sagittarius: They're Outgoing And Full Of Optimism

Ruled by lucky Jupiter, planet of education, expansion, higher learning, and opportunity, this mutable fire sign is always looking for the next best thing; hence, their restlessness and insatiable FOMO. Whether it be a long-distance journey overseas, or a study abroad program somewhere exotic, a Sagittarius will do anything to fuel their infinite wanderlust.