7 Things You Should Really Know About The Girl Who Loves To Be Alone

I love hanging out with my friends — don't get me wrong — but there's nothing I love more in life than just being alone. When you're by yourself, it's that perfect combination of freedom and relaxation. I love a good Saturday night when the only people invited are me, myself, and I — without any interruptions. Spending time with friends and going to parties always makes for a fun time as well, but the girl who likes being alone loves a good "me party" whenever she can get it.

It's so easy to have a good time when you're the only one planning the activities. Some people may mistake being alone for being lonely, but they're two very different things. When I'm alone, I'm not thinking about anyone else to have a chance to feel lonely. I actually live by myself, and I can't tell you how much I love my alone time. My home is my secret oasis away from everyone else, and there is never an ounce of sadness in sight.

For anyone who loves being alone as well, can I get a "heck yeah" for these seven things we can relate to? Sorry, friends — I'll hang out with you tomorrow, but today I'm hanging out with my number one — and that's me.

She Understands The Real Meaning Of "Me Time"

If you've ever had "me time" and were totally bored, I hate to say it, but you did it entirely wrong. "Me time" is time to yourself to just relax and do whatever makes you feel great. Whether you head to your favorite bench in the park and catch up on some reading, or hit up the nail salon for a manicure, this is prime time to treat yourself.

It's like setting your phone to charge and leaving it alone for a bit. When you come back, it's fully recharged and ready to go. That's how you should feel when you're done with your "me time" — totally refreshed.

She's Not Being Anti-Social, She's Just Living Her Life

Don't mistake her choosing to stay home rather than go out to the bars on a Friday night as being anti-social. On the contrary, she really loves being social, but she also loves having time to herself after a long, stressful work week. The girl who likes being alone is constantly finding the healthy balance between those two things that she enjoys.

She's Really Good At Time Management

When I'm alone, I can get so much work done. Every second spent by myself is my time to use, so I use it well. Even if I just spend most of my "me time" on the couch, watching TV, it was because I knew I needed that time to recharge and catch up on the latest season of Riverdale.

She Cherishes Doing Her Favorite Activities Alone

As far as she's concerned, reading a book and watching Netflix are activities that are better done alone. Sometimes, a girl just loves curling up in her comfiest blanket while reading that book she's been dying to finish. Her fuzzy slippers and fave bottle of wine are invited, of course.

I also have to say that going to the movies alone is so fulfilling. It's how you can just enjoy the film without any interruptions, and you don't have to share any of your popcorn, either.

She Has Her Priorities In Line

When you're spending so much time alone, you're really able to reflect and focus on what's most important to you. You're not just sitting around doing nothing. Instead, you're using that time to do something totally productive.

I don't waste a second of my time, and use it to finish personal and work goals I've set out for myself. When I'm done with those, I have time to brainstorm on what's next.

Her Home Is A Comfy Oasis Made Just For Her

It just makes sense that a girl who loves being alone would make sure the place she's doing most of that "me time" is the comfiest place you've ever seen. It's like her secret fort she's catered to fit all of her personal needs — complete with plush throw pillows, string lights, and all the sweet-smelling candles.

She Goes On Solo Trips To See What She Wants To See

Going on trips with friends and family is fun, but you're always sacrificing a little bit of what you want to do for what the group wants. The girl who loves to be alone opts for the solo trip, because the only person in charge of the game plan is her. She can create her own schedule, explore the restaurants and sites she wants to check out, and sleep in as late as she pleases. It's honestly a dream come true.