7 Absurdly Relatable Things About Living Alone That'll Make You Say "Same"

Years of passive aggressive roommates, dirty dishes (that aren't yours) piled up in the sink, and cleaning up after someone else on the reg can make just about anyone want to live solo. You feel like you've truly made it when you're finally able to move into a place of your own. Sure, living with roommates definitely comes with perks in addition to some negatives, but living on your own feels like a breath of fresh air. It's a dream come true to finally have your home sweet home, your own rules, and zero garments of dirty laundry in sight in your living room. People who live alone will most likely relate to my love of this glorious lifestyle.

Once you live by yourself, you may never want to go back to having roommates. Sorry, ex-roommates of the past. You were dear, but I just love my solo living situation so, so much and simply cannot part with it!

Needless to say, all of my people who love that solo living lifestyle, raise your hands. Whether you had a falling out with a roommate, or just decided to embrace the studio life in the city, you probably feel so #blessed for these seven magical experiences of living by yourself.

Not Only Do You Sing In The Shower, But The Whole Apartment Is Your Stage

When you're living the solo life, the whole apartment is fair game for spontaneously breaking out into song. Yes, that means channeling your inner Dancing Queen when you come home from work and uncork a bottle of wine. Of course, singing at the top of your lungs isn't just reserved for the shower. Your hairbrush is the best microphone, literally, ever.

Your Apartment Is A No-Pants Zone

Finally, you're able to waltz around in your favorite, coziest T-shirt, underwear, and fluffy slippers without fear of your roommate walking in the door. You can be pants-free whenever your heart desires, and you really wouldn't have it any other way. When some people get home, they simply take off their shoes. Other people take off their shoes and pants to get comfortable AF.

You Have Your Own Cleaning Schedule

Your house, your rules never sounded so good, huh? Your home is entirely yours, so you set the guidelines. You can invite friends over whenever you want, watch all of your favorite shows without having to see if the TV is free, and follow your own cleaning schedule. You won't get annoyed when your roommate doesn't clean up after herself anymore, because you don't have one!

You Get To Decide Exactly How The Apartment Is Run

Do you want to stay up all night and have a movie marathon, or would you rather the apartment be a quiet, serene haven by 7 p.m.? No matter what you decide on, you got this. The apartment runs on your schedule, and your schedule alone. You can stream your music whenever you want, and when it's time to wind down for the day, you call the shots.

Someone Call Up Kelly Clarkson, Because You're "Miss Independent"

Now that you live by yourself, you handle literally everything — the cooking, the cleaning, and paying the bills. You're the boss woman, and just like Liam Neeson said, you have "a very particular set of skills."

Not only are you officially equipped to take on the world, but you are finally getting a handle on this whole adulting thing. You're a strong, independent person who's ready to slay this solo apartment lifestyle. Kudos to you, girlfriend.

You Finally Get To Decorate Your Home The Way You Want

Your empty apartment is like blank canvas ready for you to express yourself. You finally get a say of what goes where, and going to IKEA can be the ultimate experience. Picking out which couch, throw pillows, duvet cover, and curtains speak to your soul has never been more fun. When you finally move in and have everything decorated to your liking, you can't wait to invite people over to see what you've done with the place.

You Do Still Wonder What It Would Be Like To Split The Bills

As much as you absolutely love living alone, you do still wonder how much you'd be saving if you were still sharing the bills and rent with someone else. It would be nice to have a little more money in the bank. But, you quickly remember what it was like having to track down that one roommate who is always late paying their share of the rent, and you're immediately back to totally loving this life you're in.