The Girl Who Grew Up In The '90s Knows These 11 Things To Be All Too True

Let me paint you a picture that'll make you feel all the things about being a '90s baby. You're wearing your favorite T-shirt from Delia's that perfectly coordinates with your velvet scrunchie, and you're jamming out to NSYNC's "Tearin' Up My Heart" with your girls as you snack on some Dunkaroos. If that doesn't make you feel any kind of nostalgia, you must not have been a '90s girl — because I'm totally lost in the feels now. Saying I love the '90s would be a total understatement. That excellent decade molded me into the woman I am today, and any other girl who grew up in the '90s knows that there are just some things that are all too relatable about this time period.

We know girl power is real, and the Carlton is always an appropriate dance move. We know that Devon Sawa and Jonathan Taylor Thomas are the true heartthrobs of Hollywood (*swoons*). We also know that Dunkaroos, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Gushers are all extremely dope snack options. These 11 things are all too true, because we grew up during that totally tubular time. If you disagree, just talk to the hand. Everyone else, help me find a time-traveling phone booth like Bill and Ted's that can take us back to when all things were Lisa Frank-colored. Prepare to get incredibly nostalgic.

You Learned Responsibility By Taking Care Of Your Tamagotchi

Forget taking care of an egg in school, we learned true responsibility from caring of our Tamagotchi. I remember begging my mom to feed and clean mine when I had to go off to school each day, because, priorities. It worked, because my Tamagotchi lived longer than my friends'.

You're Either A BSB Or An NSYNC Fangirl

You are either a Backstreet Boys fan for life, or strictly an NSYNCer for eternity. I was always an NSYNC girl, and you'll still see me slaying away at the "Bye Bye Bye" dance when the song comes on at the club. Of course, you are able to love both, but you learned true loyalty by picking a side.

Delia's Was The Go-To Place For Fashion

I remember most of my closet coming from Delia's. It was the place to get colorful, fashionable clothes to seriously slay the halls at school. The day the Delia's magazine came in the mail, was the day you invited all of your girlfriends over to circle every single outfit you wanted.

Cory And Topanga Are MFEO

There's no couple in the history of the world who fits the definition of "relationship goals" more than Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World. We got to see those two have their first kiss, go to college together, and get married. We're crossing our hearts that we'll find the Cory to our Topanga one day.

Overalls Were The Most Comfortable Thing You Could Wear

I've been wearing overalls since the '90s and will continue to wear them for the rest of my life. There's nothing more comfortable and stylish than an awesome pair of denim overalls. Plus, I can't get over how big the pockets are — I live for pockets.

Matching Your Scrunchie To Your Outfit Was Crucial

We're so happy to see scrunchies back in style, because we know they never left our caboodles. As scrunchie-wearing experts, we know the importance of matching your schrunchie to the rest of your outfit. It definitely helps to have a velvet one in every color of the rainbow.

Arnold And Gerald Were The Ultimate BFFs

There is a lot we know to be true from watching Nickelodeon shows like Hey, Arnold. For instance, we know that Arnold has the coolest room ever, and he's wearing a shirt, not a skirt. And the biggest takeaway we know is that Arnold and Gerald are the ultimate best friend #GOALS. We're even still trying to learn their secret handshake.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Were The First Duo To Give You Wanderlust

There's no denying we have wanderlust, and we can really thank Mary-Kate and Ashley for that. When they traveled to Paris, Rome, and London in their movies, we wanted to go there as well. Every new Olsen movie that came out just added another place to our travel bucket lists.

You Believed You Had Magical Powers Like Sabrina

Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch didn't know she had magical powers until she was 16, so you kept crossing your fingers that your parents would reveal to you that you were a rad witch like Sabrina, too. Every time you got a tingling feeling in your pointer finger, you thought it was your powers beginning to reveal themselves.

Bagel Bites Will Forever Be Fair Game For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Do you also still have the Bagel Bites jingle stuck in your head? You know that "when pizza's on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime." It's a good reassurance now when you're an adult and want to have pizza for breakfast, that it's totally a power move.

Disney Princesses Gave Us So Many Hair Goals We're Still Trying To Achieve

Ariel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas gave us all the ultimate hair goals. For real — how did Ariel's hair still look so voluminous in and out of the water?! Also, whenever we stand outside in the wind, our hair gets tangled rather than blowing beautifully like Pocahontas'.