11 Things Every Girl Who Grew Up In The 90s Longs To Turn Back Time For

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Real talk: I've been having an extremely difficult time with this whole adulting thing. It’s like my body is rejecting the idea of growing up. It’s understandable, because growing up in the 90s was hella dope. Our childhood was probably one of the best times to be a kid. I mean, we were so lucky to have the Spice Girls spreading girl power left and right, and there was always a velvet scrunchie on hand for added coolness to whatever we were wearing. We had awesome fashion trends, boy bands, TV shows, and hunky teenage heartthrobs. There are far too many best things about the 90s we miss.

If only we could find Bill and Ted’s time traveling phone booth, then we could go back and relive these incredible years. I feel you, Cher, because we all wish we could turn back time. When we figure out a way, here are the 11 things we'd want to experience first. Coming up with a list of everything we miss about the 90s would be endless, but these are the essentials every girl longs for the most. I guess in the meantime, I can just turn on some 90s tunes on Spotify, put my hair up in a side pony, and tell all of the haters to talk to the hand, because the 90s is "all that and a bag of chips."

The Perfect Pair Of Overalls
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Overalls already made a comeback in the fashion world, and we're totally on board with it. Although, we're really wishing we could find them in just about any store. Overalls were so huge in the 90s, that it was the norm to fine them in different lengths, colors, and in every material of fabric you could ever want.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

Watching Nickelodeon cartoons growing up was one of our favorite activities. I always wanted to go on adventures like the Rugrats did, and I dreamed of having a dog like Porkchop from Doug. Come back into our lives, ASAP, please.


Most of the snacks we loved from the 90s still exist, like Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups, but it is such a travesty that Dunkaroos were discontinued. Why did you leave our grocery stores, sweet cinnamon cookie and sprinkle icing duo? You were my favorite snack, and I honestly don't know what to do without you.

NSYNC Concerts
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Sure, our teenage hearts still have the Backstreet Boys, but gosh darn it, we want our NSYNC babes back. Come on, guys, everyone else is reuniting. That reunion at the VMAs back in 2013 was barely anything. You're tearin' up my heart when I'm not with you, and I'll never be ready to say, "bye, bye, bye."

Any Mary-Kate And Ashley Series

These favorite twins were literally everywhere, from solving mysteries and even inviting us to parties. Maybe if we could get Mary-Kate and Ashley to make a cameo on Fuller House, us 90s babies would feel a whole lot better. Until then, we're going to watch Passport to Paris and Billboard Dad to hold us over.

Limited Too

It's pretty cool there was a Limited Too pop-up shop recently, but we want a whole store again. Oh, how our young hearts miss the ice cream cones, soccer balls, and flowers galore. It's the only place you count on to find a matching outfit as colorful as your personality.


Friday nights were always fun when you had Boy Meets World, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and Family Matters streaming on TV. There's a reason people are looking to bring back all of these classic shows. Dear ABC execs, please bring back TGIF — thanks very much.

'The Mickey Mouse Club'

The Mickey Mouse Club gave us Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling. The All New Mickey Mouse Club was a national treasure that we would love to have back. But, alas, we can always turn to YouTube for great MMC clips to hold you over.

Lip Smacker Lip Balm

It was necessary to be equipped with every single flavor of Lip Smackers. They were a must to carry around at school in your tiny backpack. Shoutout to my two favorites, the watermelon and Dr. Pepper-flavored balms.

Jelly Shoes
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Jelly shoes, or jellies, were the super cute shoes that were plastic, sparkly, colorful, and semi-transparent. Everyone wanted a pair to wear to school, and honestly, I'm currently wishing I had a pair to wear to work. What I would give to get my hands on a pair of the OG sparkly jellies right now. Luckily for us, the jellies are making somewhat of a comeback in the fashion scene today.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

JTT was the heartthrob we all needed in the 90s. But where oh where did our JTT go? His hair. His smirk. His wonderful presence in all of our favorite TV shows and movies. Oh, how we miss you.