The Girl Who Doesn't Drink Coffee Really Wants You To Know These 6 Things

*Sips tea.* There are so many hot drinks out there — but oh boy, do many people love their coffee. The bitter taste of a brew with just a little bit of milk makes those Mondays so much better, so you're probably shocked that some people just aren't into it. Yes, you heard that right. There's a world beyond your usual beans, and every coffee shop comes with more than just caffeine and macchiatos. You don't have to live this lifestyle, but you also shouldn't assume much about the girl who doesn't drink coffee in your crew. She wants you to know a few things, before you order her that cappuccino on your next coffee date.

You might not be able to imagine your morning without a cup of joe. When you're running late, you skip out on breakfast just so you can make it to Starbucks. The barista already knows your order, and always remembers the caramel swirl. Thank goodness, because you wouldn't have made it until the afternoon when you inevitably run out for more. Can we ever get enough of caffeine?

The girl who doesn't like coffee is thriving in life, and loves her hot drinks just the same. Despite what you may think at first, she doesn't need coffee to get by. She takes her mornings slow, and enjoys every second of her green tea or orange juice on the side of some waffles. At the end of the day, she's feeling pretty great about these six things about herself.

She Lives In The Moment

The girl who doesn't drink coffee really isn't in a rush. Although she can be incredibly busy, she makes sure that she has time every morning to relax and sip on her tea. She'll let her mind wander and daydream about other places in the world. There's a lot to be said for living in the moment, and this girl is always soaking in the present instead of loads of caffeine.

Taking your mornings slow means that you get to enjoy the sunshine and some peaceful time to yourself. Your breakfast isn't just a granola bar on your way out the door, and you get to put things in perspective a bit before starting your day.

She Doesn't Care About Being Cool

The girl who consistently dodges a cold brew doesn't care about being cool — and she's following her inner compass (instead of trends highlighted in magazines and on TV) at all times. You won't see her walking around with the iced coffee drink that's trending on social media, or wearing graphic tees simply because they're so in style right now. She is on her own track, and dares to do something different.

Life is more interesting when you're not following the crowd and choose to write the story yourself. You can still find this girl sitting at the counter at a cute local coffee shop, but she'll never give into the peer pressure of a caramel macchiato.

She's Patient

We could all take some tips on patience from the girl who doesn't drink coffee. She stops and smells the roses wherever she goes. Once again, she is constantly living in the moment and focusing on the present.

In your crew, she's probably known as the positive one. And since she's not always on a caffeine kick, she comes across as cool and collected in even the most annoying situations. When the line at our favorite sandwich shop is slow, some of us get so bothered because we don't want to waste our entire lunch break. But, sometimes it's just the way it is, and this girl chooses not to worry about the things in this world that are out of her control. Her mindset is to make the most of every moment.

She's Always Busy

This girl's planner is always packed to the brim. Honestly, at 20-something, is your schedule ever sort of chill? Based on my experience, life has a way of never calming down — even on the weekends. So, it might be a little difficult to believe that this girl doesn't need coffee to get through all of the curveballs.

Seriously, her schedule is just as busy as yours. On any given day, she's running to brunch with her girl crew, and answering work emails on the subway. She doesn't run on coffee like the rest of the people in her office, but she's such a #girlboss and probably has a side hustle, too.

She's Easy-Going

Despite what a cup of tea might imply, this girl doesn't deal with drama. In fact, she's really low maintenance when it comes to her relationships and friendships. You can also always count on her to come along for an adventure, even to a coffee shop.

Like Phoebe from Friends, she's the one we need in our girl crew to remind us to never take life too seriously. She goes with the flow in any social situation, and is naturally so free-spirited, too. Being easy-going isn't always, well, easy. But, she continuously finds ways to ground herself and stay down-to-Earth.

Especially when you're in your 20s, there's so much you're trying to figure out. You're finding new friends, pursuing your passions, and facing the real world. Why make it more complicated?

She Loves Staying In

The girl who doesn't drink coffee loves getting social on the weekends, but also loves to recharge with some solo time. She's a natural at self-care Sunday, and knows exactly how to love herself when she need it the most. There's something to be said for staying in and not always being on the bustling streets of the city.

On a Saturday night, she'll be the one snuggling up on the couch and catching up on all of the latest shows. She prefers long conversations with her friends as opposed to meaningless chats with people at a bar.

A cold brew seriously isn't her sidekick, and she'd always rather sip on something else and take life a little chiller. You could easily assume anything about people, including their personalities. Therefore, you should really get to know this girl before judging her for not drinking coffee.