These Twitter Clapbacks To Ivanka Trump Will Have You In Stitches

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I never thought that Twitter required a specific skill set, but the more tweets that come out of the White House, the more I realize how untrue that is (also how amazingly great I am at tweeting). Ivanka Trump isn't the best when it comes to tweeting things properly (or at opportune times), and luckily for us there are skilled tweeters out there ready to put the first daughter in her place. Here are the the funniest times Twitter clapped back at Ivanka Trump.

Trump, not unlike her father, doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to Twitter. While she's usually not yelling at anyone or calling people names, she's not the best at common sense tweeting or proper timing — which sometimes causes the first daughter to tweet insensitive things. Because of her subpar Twitter etiquette, Trump's been the subject of many clapbacks at the hand of brilliant and nimble-thumbed tweeters out there, who are quick to show the first daughter what's what.

There have been so many responses to Trump's tweets, that it was hard to narrow it down. But, after much consideration I found the clapbacks that really just rose to the top. So, allow me to navigate you through some of my favorites.

That time Chrissy Teigen took the win with a simple English lesson.
chrissyteigen on Twitter

Phrasing really is everything. Back in September, Trump shared a picture holding her new nephew Eric ‘Luke’ Trump, her brother Eric Trump's first child. What Trump meant to say, I think, was something to the effect of "Cuddling my little nephew Luke... the best part of an already incredible day!" But what she actually tweeted was "Cuddling my little nephew Luke... the best part of an otherwise incredible day!"

Teigen, everyone's favorite person on Twitter and on the planet, pointed out that Trump's use of "otherwise" implies that her day was awesome, except for the part when she cradled her new nephew. "Otherwise" implies you did not like hangin with this baby," Teigen wrote.

The first time I read this response back when Teigen first sent it in September, it sent me into a full-on belly laugh, and it still totally holds up. Thanks for taking the time out to be a great teacher, Teigen.

That time Trump thought she knew how Thanksgiving worked.
pattonoswalt on Twitter

Another one of my favorite clapbacks is also from a famous person, Patton Oswalt.

Last Thanksgiving, Trump's business handle tweeted "Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Problem solved," accompanied by a photo of a table decorated with a monstrosity of a centerpiece assembled out of multiple decorative gourds, tree branches, and what looked like a giant clamshell. Except the problem wasn't solved, as Twitter pointed out with a seasonally-appropriate roast.

The image in the now-deleted tweet doesn't look like a Thanksgiving table anyone would have. First off, what is that giant atrocity in the middle of it? And, like, where would all the food go? Are we supposed to eat the moss?

Twitter went all out on it, but Oswalt's tweet was the clear winner. The comedian pulled from classic horror flick The Blair Witch Project to call Trump out on that witchy center piece. "IVANKA YOU HAVE STOLEN THE BLAIR WITCH’S TOILET YOUR FAMILY IS DOOMED," he wrote.

If you haven't seen the film, basically every scary thing the actors run into looks exactly like whatever's on that table. Hey, at least Halloween is seasonally appropriate, as well?

That time everyone was confused about Trump's security clearance.
rudepundit on Twitter

Oh, this one burned, I'm sure. In March 2017, Trump was given an office in the West Wing before even having an official role in the White House, and then later that month after she became adviser to the president, security clearance followed. That means she'd be able sit in on high-level meetings like the president's daily briefing and even have access to foreign intelligence, according to The New York Times.

Unsurprisingly, people were pretty confused by the fact that the first daughter, who didn't have any formal government experience or an elected role in government, was suddenly being given security clearance to see the most private of goings on in the U.S. government.

But, this tweet is actually a twofer. Not only did this tweeter clap back over Trump's security clearance, but it also includes a callback to allegations that Trump's business stole from other designers. In 2016,Trump's fashion brand was slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly stealing designs from Italian shoe brand Aquazzura. At the time, the CFO of Ivanka's licensing company, Matthew Burris, released a statement calling the lawsuit "baseless" and "aimed at generating publicity." It continued,

The shoe in question is representative of a trending fashion style, is not subject to intellectual property law protection and there are similar styles made by several major brands.

The lawsuit was later settled, but clearly, the internet has a long memory.

That time Trump tried science.
ivankatrump on Twitter

Back in March Trump toured The Waukee Innovation and Learning Center in Iowa, as part of her devotion to women in fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). I'm sure the first daughter wanted the focus to be on the work she was doing in Iowa — but then she shouldn't have put on a lab coat and held a beaker, because the Internet went wild with memes.

I included the original tweet above, because seriously, there were too many great Twitter responses to pick just one.

Although I can't imagine how Trump keeps tweeting things that are just begging to be called out or memed, I have to admire the way she doesn't seem to care at all. Ivanka will keep on doing Ivanka, and the internet will keep on meme-ing.