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FUNBOY's New SNOW Collection Bundles Winter Fun With Products That #Sleigh

Do you remember the adrenaline rush you'd get on snowy mornings as a kid, waiting for a snow day to be announced? You may have anxiously sat next to the TV, manifesting a cozy day of sipping hot chocolate, building a fort, and riding your snow tube down a steep hill. The FUNBOY winter 20/21 SNOW collection bundles that epic feeling with timeless products that'll get you outside this winter.

As a working adult, it can be so easy to see snow on the forecast and say, "I'm going to lay on the couch after work today," and, "Is it summer yet?" That's all well and good, and we'll never turn down a bowl of homemade soup and a Christmas movie. But, what if you spent an hour after your 9-to-5 job, zipping around your backyard in a plaid toboggan? What if you pretended you were in the Winter Olympics, and tried to create a sweet route for your alpine sleigh?

That experience could lead to many new memories. Although you may rack up a few wet mittens and hats in your laundry basket along the way, it would serve as a reminder that you went outside and laughed the day away. The SNOW collection from FUNBOY, a brand known for its high-end and adorable pool floats, is available as of Oct. 21, 2020, so you can jump right into this fun with products that totally #sleigh.

Let's dive into the collection, shall we? Each item sports a timeless print or design that'll look so cute in your Instagram photos this winter, and they're also equipped with lots of functional features. For example, the vinyl material that each snow tube, toboggan, or sleigh is made out of can live in temperatures as low as -25 degrees and is ultra-thick. FUNBOY also equipped these items with a rubber base that has grooves, which keeps your piece going in the direction you want it to.

In addition to these features, the trendsetting sleds can be inflated and deflated very quickly via valves, so you can experience winter fun at a moment's notice. (Phew!) The products you may want to shop include a snowflake snow tube ($49), retro plaid snow tube ($49), and the super classic alpine winter snow sleigh ($99). The sleigh, in particular, is slightly oversized to fit two riders, up to 250 pounds combined. Whether you're hoping to go outside with your roommate or partner, this piece would surely introduce more winter fun into your life and would even make a good, early holiday present.

Other items in the collection include: a retro plaid snow toboggan sled ($59), which also comes in a winter bloom print. There's a snowmobile snow sled ($99) that's made to hold two riders, and truly looks like the actual snowmobiles you may have ridden during a winter trip in the past.

Of course, if you really don't feel like getting outside this winter because it's too chilly for your liking, FUNBOY has a product in this collection for you. Enter, the shotski 2-pack ($38). It comes with two shotskis for when you want to take a sip of your favorite drink with friends and a few sets of shot glasses, too. Whether you're hosting a Zoom happy hour in December, or a ski weekend in January, this item will be a must-have.

To shop all the SNOW collection from FUNBOY, just go to their site, and peruse the chic and fun items they have available. Toss a couple in your cart for a bundle of fun and a package that'll totally #sleigh.

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