Why The Full Moon In Pisces Is The Perfect Time To Will What You Want From The Universe

It's that time of the month again. As we round the lunar corner and fall under the full moon's captivating spell once more, something mystical and rewarding is bound to happen. This cosmic event is so much more than just a glowing orb of light hanging in our night sky (although that in and of itself is enough for me to be excited about). The full moon is when we harvest all the many seeds we planted under the new moon; when everything we've been working toward is revealed. And on August 26, the full moon in Pisces 2018 will allow you to swim deep through the waters of your unconscious, for this is a zodiac sign that can see things that normally remain unseen.

Known for its overwhelming intuition, bottomless sensitivity, and creative imagination, Pisces is a sign that brings you further away from material concerns and closer to your soul. As energy from Pisces flows through the air, dreams become more vivid, truths piece themselves together more eloquently, and the sound of your heart reverberates louder than all the white noise in the world.

Pisces is also the last sign in the zodiac. Therefore, it symbolizes endings, resolutions, and the wisdom that comes with both. When the full moon is a sharp peak in our lunar cycle, it is the highest point in the roller coaster ride; a climactic moment in the film of our lives. Under a Pisces full moon, you can expect our world — the one that we all share — to be revitalized, renewed, and eventually, strengthened.

Your Intuition Will Expand And Unfold

How often are your mind and your intuition at odds? When your brain tells you one thing and your gut tells you another, you find yourself trapped in a stagnant and nerve-racking position between the two. However, when both of these essential sources of wisdom are working together, anything can happen. Under the Pisces full moon, every opposing corner of your soul's intelligence will become one, presenting you with one truth after the other.

Absorbing light from the analytical, logical, and investigative Virgo sun, a Pisces full moon fishes for profound thoughts that have long been lingering deep inside of you. However, instead of these thoughts appearing more like a blur of emotion rather than anything tangible, the light from the Virgo sun will clarify and define these thoughts, allowing you a seriously powerful understanding of your world.

This is a beautiful time to remember your dreams, write in your journal, and spend time searching for the gems of your intuition. Your soul is at the surface of your skin during a Pisces full moon, so reacquaint yourself with it.

Empathy Will Flow Freely From You

Being a mutable water sign, Pisces can easily slip inside the perspective of another person and understand why they feel the way they do. Therefore, a Pisces can't help but feel sensitive and compassionate to others, even for people who have never given them the same. Under this full moon, you'll find empathy in ways you never realized you could.

This is not to say that Pisces is a pushover, nor that they are incapable of feeling anger. However, instead of allowing anger to lash out and continue a cycle of pain and misunderstanding, Pisces understands that anger is inevitably intertwined with love, and ultimately, a Pisces uses their anger to fight for love.

There's no better time than a full moon in Pisces to have conversations with people you're on difficult terms with. Everyone's capacity for sensitivity and compassion will be heightened, and under such kind lunar energy, love is stronger than anything.

Let Go Of Your Baggage And Forgive

Pisces is also a sign of culmination and resolution, making it a seriously meaningful full moon. Its energy will release you from skeletons in your closet and set your demons free. This is a perfect time to forgive yourself and others for mistakes that were made, harmful feelings that were had, and everything that no one can go back in time to fix.

Remember that forgiveness is not letting someone off the hook. It's merely releasing the situation's control over your overall happiness; it is allowing the pain to fade away, to a place where it is not being forgotten, but it no longer has any power over you. As long as you nurture your grudges, you remain firmly fastened to the past instead of free to embrace the future. The past is the past. However, the future is full of possibility.