The 'Full House' cast's "Full Quarantine" parody video is a nostalgic, topical project.

The ‘Full House’ Cast Recorded A Quarantine Version Of Their Theme Song

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The Full House crew is taking quarantine seriously while getting a little comedy in. Familiar faces of the beloved '90s TV series banded together to create a video inspiring others to stay home. The Full House cast's "Full Quarantine" parody video is a topical throwback that you'll want to see.

On Wednesday, April 8 actor John Stamos posted the Full House cast's "Full Quarantine" video on Instagram. He captioned the video, "#fullquarantine Stayhome/Staysafe/Stamos Unlike #FullHouse, this will go away." The parody clip pokes a bit of fun at the reality of self-isolation and nods to a few notable themes from Full House, all while remaining a topical PSA.

The video begins with a shot of the Full House intro and its theme song, "Everywhere You Look." After that famous shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, the clip flashes to Stamos, who's in his bathroom, trying to get hair gel out of his near-empty bottle. He realizes the camera is there and stops to smile. The hair gel is a nod to Stamos' character Uncle Jesse's fixation on maintaining his perfect 'do on the show.

Then, the clip cuts to Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner, squeezing a bottle of hand sanitizer and rubbing it on his face like aftershave, as well as on a mop handle. It's a hilarious recognition of his character's penchant for over-cleaning. In fact, Saget recently posted a tweet that poked fun at how he's behaving in quarantine:

After Saget's sanitizing spree, Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone), fishes off of the dock and catches a slice of pizza. Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) stands over a toilet bowl with a plunger, again referencing her sitcom father's cleaning marathons. Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) is seen waking up, but brushes it off and goes straight back to sleep.

Toward the end, Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) reaches into her fridge for the egg carton and finds it empty. Barber is wearing a familiar scarf in the scene: a bacon and egg scarf like the one her character wears in the Netflix reboot series Fuller House.

Finally, the last portion of the video shows creator Jeff Franklin playing fetch with his dogs inside, but they are unable to catch the tennis ball because they are both wearing masks on their faces.

The video ends with the reminder that "Unlike Full House, this will all go away."

Absent from the project were series regulars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who typically keep a low profile and avoid the public eye. However, the rest of the Full House are also on the Fuller House series, and have stayed working as actors.

The "Full Quarantine" video team up is definitely entertaining, with tons of character nods and relatable problems many are having while they're stuck at home, so it's a total treat for fans of the show.

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