O.T. Genasis Posted The Most Adorable Photo Of His & Malika's New Baby Boy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Be still my heart: Malika Haqq has given birth and her baby is so dang adorable. Not only did Haqq share a sweet photo holding her baby's hand on Instagram, but the child's father, O.T. Genasis, gave fans a glimpse at his little face. The first photo of Malika Haqq's baby Ace Flores is truly so adorable.

Haqq first announced the news of her pregnancy on Instagram in September 2019. "I listen to my heart, and I’ve decided that the rest of my life will be the best of my life. I’m pregnant!" she captioned a photo of herself holding a positive pregnancy test. "I didn't know when, I just knew one day. God said it’s my turn, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the little spirit that grows inside of me. I am yours, baby, and you are mine."

At the time, fans were elated, but nothing was more exciting than when she shared the news that her baby had finally arrived. Haqq took to Instagram on March 16 to announce her little one was finally here.

In the photo, Malika was holiding her baby' hand, while O.T. Genasis' hand rested beneath them both. She may not have shown Ace's face right away, but she truly captured the beauty of meeting her baby in a snapshot.

Thankfully, Genasis did give us a clear shot of little Ace's face. Just hours after Haqq posted her photo, he took to Instagram to share another adorable pic. "Ace. I love you 03.14.20." he captioned a closeup photo of baby Ace's face.

Haqq and Genasis may have split up in June 2019, but it looks like they're off to a great start when it comes to co-parenting. But either way, Haqq has the ultimate support system behind her as she begins her motherhood journey. Apparently, her BFF Khloé Kardashian already considers Ace family.

"My beautiful beautiful nephew!!!! Ace, we have been waiting for you," Koko wrote in a comment below Haqq's pic.

Congratulations are in order for both Haqq and Genasis, and while they're bound to have their hands full as first-time parents, something tells me we'll see lots of photos along the way.