This Fight Scene In 'The Last Jedi' Left Audiences Cheering In Their Seats

by Jamie LeeLo
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Hello and welcome to a word with Star Wars: The Last Jedi in it! Fans have been losing their minds ever since its release on Friday, Dec. 15, and I gotta say people were surprised to see how well it did at the box office. Die-hards were pumped to find the latest installment to be a triumph, especially considering how hot and cold the entire series has been. Particularly, the fight scene between Finn and Phasma left fans totally cheering.

Warning: spoilers follow. Like a lot of them. Read at your own risk.

I mean, let's be real... Star Wars has put a lot of pressure on itself. When you're writing major blockbuster movies, especially out of order, it can be difficult to keep us earthlings up to speed with what's going on in a galaxy far, far away. In 2015 during The Force Awakens, viewers were introduced to new and awesome characters like rogue stormtrooper Finn, my homegirl Rey, and Adam from GIRLS, (aka Kylo Ren). Plus, the big, bold, and beautiful Captain Phasma struck fear and delight into the hearts of viewers everywhere.

In The Last Jedi, Phasma has the opportunity to come after Finn, delivering one of the series' most epic and satisfying fight scenes. In a nutshell, Finn sneaks onboard the First Order's Star Destroyer, together with his new friend (and potential love interest??) Rose, to disable a tracker that the First Order has been using to follow the Resistance. Through a series of wild space events, he ends up captured by Phasma and nearly executed, before the tables turn — and Finn and Phasma finally get their showdown. And for a moment, it looks like Phasma succeeds in pushing Finn off of a ledge — but JK! — he's alive. In fact, he ends up knocking Phasma into a pit of flames, maybe killing her.

I don't know. It's Star Wars. Anything could happen.

Obviously, fans on Twitter are loving it.

It was a short scene, but oh-so-sweet.

Alas, haters are always going to hate. Some folks weren't as impressed with the fight scene as they thought they would be.

Still, Finn and Phasma's backstories are just as entertaining to dive into as their face-off, (if for no other reason than I simply love me a bad-ass female villain).

Here's what we know about her: Phasma wants to keep her past a secret. Apparently, she and her brother were co-leaders of a small, weak community when she made the decision to join the First Order. This was drama, because she was effectively betraying her brother by jumping ship. It is important for her to keep her background quiet, and she helped General Armitage Hux murder his dad as a way to keep her past on the down-low. In so many words, she became a super high-up in the First Order and landed the title of Stormtrooper Captain. This is where her beef with Finn comes in.

As you guys might recall, Finn is a runaway Stormtrooper with a heart of gold and the face of a baby angel. With the help of Commander Poe Dameron, Finn joined the Resistance and the rag-tag team composed of Rey, BB-8, Han Solo and Chewbacca. During the attack on Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens, Finn, together with Han and Chewie, forced Phasma to disable the base's shields before dumping her in a garbage chute. As you can imagine, this freaking pissed Phasma off. And so, she tries to kill Finn.

The battle ends with us not really knowing what happens to Phasma, though fans suspect she survives. Others are frustrated that the writers might have brought her back in The Last Jedi just to kill her off.

I personally like to think she is somewhere learning to be a better person and doing some gentle space yoga, soul-searching, and stepping away from the dark side, but THAT'S JUST ME.

If you haven't caught the epic film yet, there's still time. Keep an eye out for the fight scene and as usual, may the force always, always, always be with you.

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