The lion's gate portal is a supercharged time for setting personal intentions.

This Month's New Moon Is About Forgiving Yourself


There's no better time to start something new than on the new moon. In fact, beginning a project, setting an intention, or making a decision during this galvanizing lunation is what puts the "new" in new moon. If you make a point of taking the first step toward a goal on the new moon, you'll will see results by the time the corresponding full moon takes place six month later. The February 2020 new moon, in particular, will be a beautiful time to release yourself from the past and give yourself the clarity needed to embark on your next journey.

The lunar cycle is a constant ebb and flow of growth and release. As the moon waxes, it gains progress and strength. When the moon is full, it instigates a moment of revelation and completion. Then, the moon wanes, and it encourages spiritual rest and forgiveness. By the time the moon becomes new once again, the whole slate is wiped clean, and the night sky becomes a canvas on which you can begin painting something new. The cycle ceaselessly repeats, making sure you never stop learning and expanding.

This next new moon takes place in dreamy, spiritual, artistic, and introspective Pisces. This means that this upcoming new moon is perfect for reaching a sense of oneness with the universe and becoming at peace with your spirit. Success does not necessarily mean success in the physical plane. Pisces believes that the true essence of success is rooted in your spirit. Use this new moon to work on something that encourages compassion, honesty, and imagination. Whatever brings you closer to your spiritual truth, the new moon in Pisces wants you to focus on it.

The New Moon In Pisces Takes Place Feb. 23 At 10:32 a.m. ET


This new moon has the power to be an emotional, yet exciting experience. For one thing, it takes place while Venus — planet of love and luxury — is in passionate, sexy, and desirous Aries as it squares off with expansive and indulgent Jupiter. This encourages you to tap into whatever you're enthusiastic about and go for it with wild abandon. Make new friends, flirt, and revel in the fun of it all. However, Venus square Jupiter doesn't always know its limits, so remember there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Practicing patience and self-control is your best move, especially when you consider that Mercury will be retrograde during this new moon. While it may not be the best time to pressure yourself into getting a lot done or starting a brand-new project, it's the ideal time to tie off loose ends, let go of your past, and discover the answers in unexpected places. Remember that progress may not always look like forward motion. Sometimes, it means going backward to remember something you've forgotten.

Regardless, this new moon is filled to the brim with motivating energy. Forming a sextile to both innovative Uranus and ambitious Mars, this new moon is a kick in the butt. Use this energy to work on breaking away from the old and preparing yourself for the new. This new moon will also bring you closer to your ultimate destiny because it forms a trine to the North Node (aka your soul purpose). Let your higher self be roused from its slumber. Nurture the part of you that is striving to better yourself. If you're confused about what to do next, ask yourself what matters to you most and then go from there.