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The Fall Activity To Check Off Your Bucket List, Based On Your Fave Disney Character


Out of all the seasons, fall might win every award in your book for having the best activities. There are trips to the apple orchard, heading to farmers' markets, getting spooked in haunted houses, cozying up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte at your favorite coffee spot, and many Halloween parties to attend. There's nonstop fun to be had, and you can seriously fill up every weekend with something to do. If you're easily overwhelmed with options, you can always refer to this list of the fall activity to do, based on your favorite Disney character.

You grew up watching the classics like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and more. There's just something about the cool weather outside that makes you want to get cozy at home with a flannel blanket and an apple cider doughnut, and stream your favorite nostalgia-filled movies. The first thing you should do when the leaves begin to change colors and the temperature cools down is have a movie night with your favorite crew.

While watching, use your favorite Disney characters as inspiration on what to do with your squad every weekend this fall. Just go through this list of five fall activities based on your fave Disney character, and get ready to make the most of this incredible time of year.

Go Apple Picking Like Snow White

When you think of Snow White, you can't help but think of that apple. Fall is the perfect time to head to a local farm with your friends, go apple picking, and treat yourself to apple cider. Make sure to fill up your basket with the best apples, and then you can use them to bake something sweet like an apple pie or apple crisp once you get home.

Get Cozy With Tea And A Book By The Fire Like Belle

Belle loved reading so much that she's been described as having her "nose stuck in a book" by everyone in town. If you're like Belle, you can't wait to dive right into your next novel. Pour yourself some tea and create a cozy reading nook at home — possibly by a fireplace if you have one.

Whip Up Pumpkin Spice Beignets Like You're Tiana

When watching The Princess and the Frog, all I want is for those delicious beignets Tiana serves to be real and on a plate in front of me. Autumn is the perfect time to get your baking game on. With all the fall flavors like pumpkin spice and cinnamon everywhere you go, you'll want to get in on the fun by serving up your very own PSL beignets.

Get Your Halloween Spirit On Like Sally At A Haunted House

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas may not be an official Disney "princess," but she is Disney heroine everyone loves. She is also the perfect inspiration for any Halloween-lover who's looking to have fun this fall. Round up your friends and visit a spooktacular haunted house. Walk through with confidence like you're "simply meant to be" there.

Take A Romantic Hayride Like You're Cinderella In A Carriage

Cinderella had a pumpkin that turned into a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. Although it might not be a magical carriage, you can have your very own princess moment by going on a romantic hayride with your SO or crush. Cozy up under a blanket, bring hot chocolate along for the ride, and don't forget to snap some pics.