This Gender-Free Sex Toy Is Breaking Binaries In The Name Of Pleasure

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Wild Flower

I'd like to think that if NSYNC released a song about gender liberation today, it would be called "Bye, Bye, Binary." I'd also like to think that some version of this song was playing in the background of Amy and Nick Boyajian's heads as they designed the Enby, Wild Flower's new non-gendered sex toy. Wild Flower is an online sexual wellness and adult store that was founded in 2017 by married couple and business partners, Amy and Nick Boyajian. With an emphasis on sex positivity and education, the company has taken some major steps to increase inclusivity in the sex tech world. And designing the Enby, a sex toy that's genderless in looks and usage, is their latest dynamic, groundbreaking enterprise.

"We want to challenge the sex toy industry to look beyond these tropes and speak to all people when sharing their products," Amy Boyajian tells Elite Daily. "A gender-free toy truly allows people of all identities and anatomies to easily enjoy what it has to offer."

Though Wild Flower's website has worked to de-gender the marketing of sex toys since it launched in 2017 (you won't find a "Men's Section" and "Women's Section" here), both Amy and Nick Boyajian felt there was still a lack of sex toys that were user-friendly for all genders IRL. The partners set out to design a toy that could be used by all body types, including gender non-conforming people, and folks undergoing gender-affirmation surgery.

Wild Flower

"Designing a toy that was flexible enough to fit a range of bodies was definitely a unique challenge," Nick Boyajian tells Elite Daily. "It needed to be sturdy enough that it could stay in place if someone was grinding against it, but also malleable enough to wrap around a penis. Enby’s flexible wings are the key feature here: they lay totally flat so Enby stays put when on a bed or against someone’s body, but are flexible enough to easily become a stroker."

At first glance, you may mistake the Enby for a tiny bicycle seat. Its triangular shape looks nothing like a traditional vibrator, massage wand, or dildo. Yet, this ambiguity is exactly what Amy and Nick Boyajian envisioned. "Sex toys are often designed to fit one type of body," Amy Boyajian says. "There may be other applicable uses for other anatomies, but they’re often an afterthought."

Wild Flower created the Enby to further their efforts in making sex technology more inclusive and representative. "People of the queer community — particularly queer women, femmes, and non-binary folks — have been left out of the sex toy industry for a long time or only represented to satisfy a male gaze," Amy Boyajian says. "When we gender sex toys or subscribe to only certain ways of using a toy, we often leave out queer bodies and experiences and make pleasure less accessible for these folks."

The term "enby" — pronounced like the letters "N" and "B" — is an abbreviated way of saying "non-binary." According to Wild Flower, using the word as the name of their new product was an intentional way to celebrate all bodies and identities outside of literal body parts.

According to Amy Boyajian, the Enby meets a set of practical needs that Wild Flower felt were not being met by the sex toy market. "This dynamic rechargeable vibrator can be humped, rubbed on, tucked in a harness, and placed between bodies to offer stimulation in all the right places," Amy Boyajian says. "Flex Enby's wings to stroke, grab and massage. Enby's ribbed bottom provides extra stimulation while also keeping it in place. A vibe that will accommodate a range of situations, the Enby is as vast as your imagination." If you need some inspiration about where to start with the Enby, the product's press release shares some sexy ways to use it: During sex with a strap-on or dildo, the Enby can be slipped into a harness or underwear. If you're having penetrative sex with a partner, the toy can be put between both bodies.

Wild Flower

Of course, the Enby can be a one-player game, as well. In fact, Amy and Nick Boyajian told Nylon that they hope the Enby encourages masturbation, especially masturbating in new ways, like lying on your belly. With the Enby flat on the floor or a bed, you can grind against the vibrating hump in the middle for a satisfying sensation. With its waterproof soft silicone, you can take the Enby into the shower with you for some additional wetness. The toy has five vibration patterns at three speeds and is made from a soft water resistant silicone. The toy comes in two colors, dark purple and black, and has a USB charger — so you can plug it in right next to your phone when you're done getting frisky with yourself (or others).

Aside from their shop, Wild Flower has built a large digital community dedicated to sexual positivity and education. If you've never explored sex toys but you're totally curious or don't know where to start, take a peek at Wild Flower's "How To Pick A Toy" section or their Sex Q&A blogs and videos. Sex and sexuality can be totally overwhelming, but finding a supportive community and knowing what resources are out there for you can help nix the stress and amp up the fun.

Though all sex toys may not be for everyone, creating products with all bodies in mind is a big step in the right direction for the sex industry. From adding some sexy sizzle to partner-play to changing the way you masturbate, Wild Flower's Enby is here to break binaries and pump up the pleasure.

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