The Emotional Meaning Of Tonight's Worm Moon Goes Deeper Than New Beginnings

Winter is becoming spring and there's so much to celebrate. The natural world is thawing from the cold of an arduous winter, the smell of freshly bloomed flowers is filling the air, and there's simply this feeling of hope all around you. It makes sense that spring is a time of spiritual reset, because you can see all the possibilities that lie on the horizon. A big reminder of those possibilities lies in the emotional meaning of the worm moon 2019. This lunation is all about the initial signs of an amazing new journey.

However, you know how full moons go. They're often a strange and overwhelming time. The brightest stage of the lunar cycle is rife with success or severity, and more often than not, it's a combination of both. In fact, full moons are so affecting that each full moon out of the year is given a name. The next one on the docket is known as the Worm Moon, and believe me, its meaning is so much more beautiful than you'd think.

According to, lunar titles such as "Worm Moon" were inspired by the names that Native Americans originally gave each full moon. Before our modern-day 365-day Gregorian calendar became the norm, Native Americans historically kept track of the passing of time by keeping watch of the lunar cycle, as explained by Farmer's Almanac. While this may be a tradition of the past, there's still so much poetry behind these names.

The Worm Moon Always Takes Place Around The Vernal Equinox

You might be wondering why anyone would name a bright and beautiful full moon after a worm. Well, consider this: The Worm Moon always takes place either just before or just after the vernal equinox, AKA the first day of spring. In essence, this lunation symbolizes the emotional transition from the dead of winter into the rebirth of spring. When it's winter, everything is frozen and hibernating. The natural world tends to come to a halt, correct? Well, as spring begins to creep in as winter starts to fade away, the ice melts and everything comes back to life. What is the first life form you tend to find during this in-between phase? Worms, of course.

They wriggle their slimy bodies through the wet, cold atmosphere and start the process of rebirth and renewal over again. As explained by Farmer's Almanac, worms start reappearing around this time of year, inviting birds to come and feast. When birds start singing again, you know it's finally spring.

The Full Moon In Libra Will Take Place On Mar. 20 at 9:43 p.m. EST

Another interesting fact about the Worm Moon: It always takes place in the cardinal air sign, Libra. This zodiac sign promotes harmony, balance, finding a middle ground, and cooperating with others. This lunation hangs in the midst of the changing seasons to help you let go of the past and look forward to the future. This moment is not about extremes. It's about giving yourself what you deserve at the same time as you learn from your mistakes.

Although this lunation will take place during the confusion of Mercury retrograde, which will encourage you to hang onto memories rather than move forward, you'll accomplishing more than you'll even realize. It's a subtle transition, one that might not be obvious at first. The Worm Moon still forms a trine with unstoppable and courageous Mars, encouraging you to take action. Even though your emotions may hang heavy, they're pushing you into a new beginning.

Use the Worm Moon to work through issues regarding your closest relationships. What can you do to be a more reliable, invested, and considerate partner? Are your current relationships giving you that same energy in return?