The Emotional Meaning Of The March Supermoon Is Significant

by Valerie Mesa

In the midst of Pisces season, ethereally beautiful and swimming with elusive glamour, a radical yet grounding full moon brings forth clarity and truth. Glimmering in the resourceful sign of Virgo, the emotional meaning of the March 2020 supermoon is about celebrating the efforts of the harvest and, more importantly, acknowledging what needs to be reworked and readjusted in order to meet your long-term goals. The element earth has been incredibly present these past two years, and will continue to dominate the astro-weather throughout 2020. Earth is a symbol of abundance, physical sustenance, and security. What is your definition of security?

While themes revolving around structure and stability continue to be a priority in your life, the essence of meticulous Virgo wants to help the collective take a step further. Governed by curious Mercury — the planet of the mind, communication, cognition, interpreting, and transporting — Virgo is equivalent to the phrase "crossing your t's and dotting your i's." The divine order of the zodiac never ceases to amaze me, especially when you acknowledge why Virgo comes after Leo. This is where Leo's creativity and passion becomes something practical and of good use in Virgo. Are you using your gifts to benefit humankind?

The key to Virgo's fertile energy is grounding, but beyond its undeniable earthy influence, its mutable energy also instills the importance of self-improvement. Finding an outlet to solidify your creative gifts, amidst thinking of ways to use them in a practical setting, is a perfect example of self-improvement. This is how you can begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and upgrade your lifestyle.

Virgo's practical mindset and resourceful nature is also here to perfect its external environment and be of service to others. Understanding the details of any situation requires analysis, but enhancing the quality of something is a product of hard work. This is what Virgo's mutable energy is all about.


Supermoon In Virgo 2020: March 9

Full moons are a call for balance; this occurs when the sun sits directly opposite the moon, which is a symbol of harmony between the divine feminine and sacred masculine, but what exactly is a supermoon? A supermoon is as close to Earth as it can get without flying out of its orbit, which results in a much bigger and brighter moon than usual.

Sitting at 19 degrees of Virgo, this particular lunation is here for some much-needed groundwork this Pisces season. Mercury — Virgo's planetary ruler — will be traveling through Aquarius during this time, which continues to solidify the presence of the element earth. Sure, Aquarius is an air sign, but with its planetary ruler, Uranus, traveling alongside Venus in Taurus, the element earth continues to dominate.

Venus-Uranus will be in harmony with the South Node — amidst la luna's divine alignment to Jupiter in pragmatic Capricorn — bringing radical inspiration and faith, despite recognizing what needs to be released and restructured during this time. The moon is a symbol of nurture and nutrition, and the essence of stability-seeking Taurus doesn't fall far behind.

On another note, however, the sun's conjunction to Neptune in Pisces could also fog up your view, so follow your intuition and feel free to tap into Neptune's infinite realm to add color to your dreams and visions.

Things could very well seem a bit hazy, but with the help of Mars in Capricorn, there is a relentless amount of perseverance and ambition at your disposal. Use it wisely.