The Emotional Meaning Of The Full Moon In Virgo Is About Coming Back Down To Earth For Clarity

I like to think of full moons as emotional markers of change. Being the ruler over your internal world, the moon is constantly affecting your sensitivities. All throughout the lunar cycle, the moon ebbs and flows through a series of phases, lapping against you like waves of feeling. However, no wave crashes down on you the way a full moon does, and the emotional meaning of the full moon in Virgo 2019 will prove just that. At its brightest state, this phase of the lunar cycle brings a sense of culmination and revelation.

Taking place on Feb. 19, just one day after Pisces season begins, this full moon takes on the energy of mutable earth sign Virgo. It's important to remember that a full moon is always exactly opposite the sun, which highlights aspects of your emotional world that may be missing, as well as honors everything about you that finally feels complete. This sensational of oppositional energy can feel rocky, difficult, and strange because it almost always throws you for a loop. When the sun is in Pisces, you're in the midst of an incredibly imaginative, dreamy, and artistic state. However, that fantasy may be shattered when the Virgo full moon takes place. Virgo is concerned with details, logic, analysis, and everything that makes sense. Prepare to feel as though everything is coming in to focus.

Get In Touch With Your Spirituality In A Practical Way

No matter how "realistic" the sign of Virgo may be, it still takes place during Pisces season, the dreamiest time of the whole year. You're inevitably tuned-in to your intuition, sensitivities, and imagination. However, it's important that you focus and clarify the insight you may be experiencing so that you can use it for a higher good. Mercury — planet of cognitive function and thought — forms a conjunction with Neptune, planet of dreams, illusions, and rose-colored glasses. If you're not careful, this energy can have you believing in things that aren't true and carry you away with irrationality.

Instead, work through your spiritual center through practical methods of grounding. Don't exist primarily in your head. Work through your feelings with concrete action.

Re-organize The Clutter In Your Emotional Life

You can't have Virgo without some form of organization. Even if a Virgo seems messy (believe me, they exist), there's still a method to the madness. This full moon will seek to synthesize, regulate, and de-clutter the emotions you may be going through. Feel free to do something different and decipher what everything means to you. It can be as simple an action as cleaning your house, having a straightforward conversation, writing in your journal, or taking any steps toward alleviating your feelings.

Mars — planet of instinct — forms a conjunction with Uranus, planet of dramatic change. Regardless of what happens, you will feel a desire to do something majorly transformative to your state of mind. You have the power to come out of this more self-sufficient than you were before.

Be Kind To Yourself And Devoted To Your Well-being

While Pisces is concerned with your spiritual health, Virgo is concerned with your material health. Associated with the sixth house of work and well-being, this full moon calls attention to the way you take care of your body, mind, and self. All the ways in which your actions and choices have been detrimental to your fitness, nutrition, and emotional state of mind will become glaringly apparent to you, so let this be the moment of clarity that helps you renew your regimen.

However, there's a chance this full moon will try to swallow you with feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth. Virgo always strives for perfection, but remember that perfection is impossible. Venus — planet of beauty and love — forms a conjunction with Saturn, the karmic and disciplinarian planet. Take care not to be needlessly hard on yourself. The past is the past. All you can do is make better decisions moving forward.