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It's The Night Of The February Snow Moon — Here's What That Means For You

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Every 28 days, the moon reaches its brightest and fullest state, casting its luminous glow throughout the night sky. Although the full moon is undoubtedly mesmerizing to look at, it carries a powerful energy that you can feel too. It's as if you can simply feel its vibrations radiating around you, instilling you with strength, wisdom, and desire. It's no wonder they say strange things tend to happen on the night of the full moon, and once you process the emotional meaning of the February 2021 full moon, its message will begin to make sense.

Thanks to your intuition, the power of the full moon may seem obvious. However, there's an astrological reason behind it that explains why it has the potential to leave such a mark on you. This is when the moon — ruler of your subconscious self — forms an opposition with the sun — ruler of your external self — thus commencing a battle of wills within you. While the sun is concerned with what can be seen in the light, the moon is the protector of things that remain tucked away in the dark. During a full moon, these two aspects of life bleed into each other. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves and deep, inner truths have a way of becoming known to you.

Each full moon carries its own brand of magic and spiritual impact. After all, each full moon takes place in a different zodiac sign. It also forms aspects with different planets each time it occurs. Each full moon also carries meaning that's specific to you as it activates your birth chart in your own unique way. However, the effect it has on the whole collective could be felt everywhere.

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The Emotional Meaning Of The February 2021 Full Snow Moon In Virgo

Taking place on Feb. 27 at 3:17 a.m. ET is the full Snow Moon. According to Farmer's Almanac, the upcoming full moon is dubbed the "Snow Moon" due to the fact that February tends to experience more snowfall than any other month out of the year. That makes February a cold and harsh time; a month of strife that called upon your ancestors to become more resilient and resourceful. The wrong move could have left them without warmth or nourishment, so a pragmatic mentality was vital for survival.

This full moon also takes place in organized, meticulous, and task-oriented Virgo. This mutable earth sign is all about a down-to-earth course of action, tapping into your ability to plan ahead, cross items off your to-do list, and take stock of where you're at in life. It's also a zodiac sign that's concerned with your physical and mental well-being. Known for its association with the sixth house of work and health, Virgo is innately connected to your body, your self-care regimens, and your productivity.

Themes of survival may come up for you around this full moon. What are some incredibly difficult things that you've overcome in life? In what ways have you proven your resilience? You may be struggling to survive in a myriad of ways at the moment — both emotionally and otherwise — and this full moon will shine a light on your ability to remain steadfast, strong, and determined throughout it all.

When the full Snow Moon takes place, it will help you tap into the power of your ancestors and everything they did in order to survive the icy cold of February. Their blood runs through your veins, and though you may not be battling the harsh elements the way they were forced to, you may still be dealing with strife in your own way. Let this full moon reveal your ability to survive anything.

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