The Emotional Meaning Of The Cold Moon Is About Nurturing & Protecting Others

Have you noticed how each full moon is marked by its own specific power? Depending on the month in which it takes place, the zodiac sign in which it occurs, and all the energy that you bring to it, no two full moons are ever exactly the same. They are each born to light on their own, and as a full moon floods your soul with its specific effect, you are changed in a way that nothing else could change you. If you vibe with what I'm talking about here, then you'll want to embroider the emotional meaning of the Cold Moon 2018 onto your heart.

What goes through your mind at the thought of the Cold Moon? As for me, I'm imagining the aurora borealis spreading color throughout the night sky like watercolor paint, the full moon watching over it all with wonder. I'm thinking of soft, cascading flakes of snow dancing across its glowing face. The child in me is seeing Santa's sleigh glide across the world with the full moon as a backdrop. Even though I live in Los Angeles, I can't help but have so many magical visions of a white winter Cold Moon. Taking place on Dec. 22, 2018, this full moon could potentially be the most profound and important full moon of them all, but more on that in a moment.

Are you wondering what makes this full moon so "Cold"? Well, in ancient times, people didn't use our trusty Gregorian calendar to mark the passing of time. Instead, they kept track of the changing seasons through the lunar month, according to And so, the standard names that dub each full moon were originally coined by Native Americans and eventually adopted by colonial Americans, also reports. However, Farmer's Almanac explains that the "Cold Moon" is specifically rooted in the culture of the Algonquins (the tribe that exists in the region stretching between Lake Superior and New England).

The reason that the December full moon is known as the "Cold Moon" should come as no surprise to anyone. After all, December is the month in which temperatures begin to drop, the ancient celebration of Yule takes place, and the winter solstice marks the seasonal shift. This full moon is "Cold" because it occurs when the coldest weather begins to overtake our world like frost slowly collecting along bare tree branches.

December is also the month where the longest night of the year takes place — AKA the winter solstice. This is why, according to Farmer's Almanac, some Native American tribes also refer to the Cold Moon as the Long Nights Moon. In fact, rising at 12:49 p.m. EST on Dec. 22, 2018 — according to — the Cold Moon takes place just one day after the winter solstice takes place.

Now, to get to what really makes the Cold Moon so special and unique (at least in my opinion): It will take place in the warm, caring, and affectionate sign of Cancer. According to the ancient art of astrology, Cancer is the moon's home zodiac sign. It's the sign that the moon rules over, which means that the Cold Moon will be expressing itself with the energy that the moon is most comfortable with.

It makes so much sense that this cardinal water sign belongs to the moon. For one, the moon rules over your emotions, feminine energy, and inner-world. Cancer is one of the most sensitive and emotionally intuitive signs in the zodiac. It's associated with motherhood, meaning that it has the power to inspire all of us to care and look after one another. During the harsh winter season, isn't that the role we need to embody most?