The Emotional Meaning Of The Hunter's Moon Will Inspire You To Be Brave

I bet thousands of different thoughts and feelings run through your heart when you gaze at the full moon. How could they not? Between its craters and crevices that tell the story of our universe's long history, its lunar cycle that coincides with our spiritual journey, and the simple beauty of its celestial glow, how could a full moon not light a fire in your soul? It's when the moon contains its most potent power, highlighting your internal state and reflecting your truest needs. It's when Earth's closest and most misunderstood friend finally has its time to shine. Most importantly, it's the same full moon that everyone on our planet sees, bringing us all together in its quiet, yet startling way. It should come as no surprise that the emotional meaning of the Hunter's Moon 2018 will definitely blow you away.

Slated to rise at 11:45 a.m. EST on October 24, 2018, according to, this full moon carries meaning that will root you in the earth, connect you with your physical surroundings, and remind you of what truly matters in life. Whether or not you take its meaning to heart, its emotional effects are bound to reach you one way or another.

Like last month's Harvest Moon, the upcoming full moon is marked by its own meaningful poetry. If you're wondering where this poetry originates from, you can thank ancient tribes stretching from North America all the way to Europe for such lunar titles. Because our ancestors did not use the same 365-day Gregorian calendar that we use today, they dubbed each full moon out of the year with a name that evokes imagery from the current season, according to This, as beautiful as it sounds, was how they kept track of the changing seasons.

While the September Harvest Moon is about reaping the rewards of all the hard agricultural work from our ancestors, the October Hunter's Moon is about delving deeper into preparation for winter. According to Farmer's Almanac, October is when the fields have been plowed and harvested, allowing our ancestor's better sight of wild animals, therefore making it the perfect time to go hunting for game. Also known as "Blood Moon" or "Sanguine Moon", the imagery that correlates with this celestial event is clear. The hunt may be a grisly pursuit that's not meant for the faint of heart, but it is necessary in order to survive the winter.

Although the vast majority of us who live in modern day civilization don't need to hunt for wild game anymore, the emotional effect of the Hunter's Moon still reaches us. Taking place in the hardy, thick-skinned, and no-nonsense sign of Taurus, this full moon still asks you to consider your survival. Ruling over the second house of finance, material wealth, possessions, and sustenance, the Hunter's Moon will have you thinking about what you need in order to prosper, encouraging you to be brave enough to take better care of yourself.

Remember that our ancestors had to fight tooth and nail in order to hunt and prepare for the long winter. Successfully slaying wild animals required patience, perseverance, and bravery in the face of fear. While we may no longer endure the same hardships as they did, our ancestors' spirits still run with us, and on the eve of the Hunter's Moon, their courage and tenacity will inspire you to stand strong and fight for a better reality.

Although Taurus harbors a romantic heart that longs for pleasure and luxury, the emotions that cling to this zodiac sign are rooted in simplicity. If you were stranded on a remote island, what are the five things you'd hope to have? If this was your last night on Earth, how would you spend it? On the night of the Hunter's Moon, these are the only things that truly matter.