May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

The Emotional Meaning Of Taurus Season Is About Embracing Every Moment

by Valerie Mesa

The spring always feels like a breath of fresh air, but I dare to say, this seasonal elixir officially reaches its peak upon the sun's shift into sensually driven Taurus. Practical and blissfully still, the emotional meaning of Taurus season 2020 has everything to do with slowing down and embracing each moment for exactly what it is.

When the sun enters Taurus, it's almost as if Mother Nature gifted the collective with an exclusive invite to the Garden of Eden. Governed by none other than gorgeous Venus — the planet of love, beauty, sensuality, pleasure, values, and self-worth — the Taurus sun sheds light on the beauty that exists all around you. A perfect way to describe this is, imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping after catching the sunlight shining through your window, or the delicious aroma of buttermilk pancakes while you're still tucked in bed.

Indulging in earthy delights is Taurus' modus operandi and its climax — when the spring heightens and nature is fully blooming — awakens the five senses. This has everything to do with the planet Venus, but it proves the best things in life are free. Stop and smell the roses; the riches of the earth are unparalleled.


Taurus Season: The Peak Of The Springtime

The sun will officially shift into pleasure-seeking Taurus on Sunday, April 19 at exactly 10:45 a.m. ET. During this time, Taurus' planetary ruler, Venus, will be traveling through Gemini amidst her pre-retrograde shadow phase. FYI, the vibration of Taurus is, essentially, fueled by Venus, so knowing what the planet of love is up to is the first step. When traveling through Gemini, Venus prefers to indulges in an array of pleasures, given this mutable air sign's insatiable need for variety.

More importantly, however, Venus in Gemini longs for mentally stimulating connections and interactions sparkling with effervescence, so themes revolving around the communication within relationships will likely be top of mind. Venus will station retrograde on May 13, so she will already be foreshadowing the effects of her upcoming retro journey in the beginning of Taurus season. Venus will also square off with Mars on April 20, which, once again, sets a theme for the season.

The Emotional Meaning Of Taurus Season 2020

In addition to Venus in Gemini's square with Mars in Aquarius, the sun in Taurus will also be challenged by structured Saturn in Aquarius — Father Time and the planet of limits, karma, and boundaries — on April 21. Saturn is an excellent teacher, and if you actually do your due diligence, personally and collectively, the rewards waiting on the other side are worth the hardships. This, however, doesn't make Saturn's "Debbie Downer" ways any easier to endure. Whatever the taskmaster touches will immediately sober up and if there's work to be done, he could very well rain on your parade.

Electric Uranus — the planet of chaos, shocks, revolutions, and innovation — will also be sitting close to the sun, so expect the unexpected during this time. BTW, the essence of Saturn is the exact opposite of Uranus; Saturn is pragmatic and Uranus is unconventional. What even more ironic is, both of these heavenly bodies rule Aquarius; Saturn is its traditional ruler while Uranus is its modern ruler. Either way, there's no denying the revolution you're about to experience, despite whether or not it already feels like chaos. This is just the beginning.

The world is about to step into the Age of Aquarius, so it doesn't matter how stability-seeking and still Taurus season is. All you can do from here on out is go wherever the wind takes you. Stay present and don't lose faith.