Trump's Fourth Of July Celebration Will Have An Uninvited Guest

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This Fourth of July, some of you might be enjoying backyard BBQ's, beach days, or soaking up air conditioning at home. No matter how you're spending America's Independence Day, this federal holiday is supposed to be full of rest and relaxation, right? Well, it looks like the fireworks won't be the only thing blowing up this year, because the Donald Trump baby blimp will reportedly be making an appearance at the official Fourth of July festivities. Talk about an uninvited guest.

On Thursday, June 27, Newsweek reported that the infamous giant Trump baby limp will be making an appearance during President Donald Trump's "Salute to America" Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C. The giant blimp, which was made to replicate Trump as a giant baby, has appeared at anti-Trump protests in the United Kingdom, but it looks like this unconventional protest tool is finally setting sail in the United States, and for a very fitting occasion.

Activist group Code Pink confirmed on a GoFundMe page that they plan to fly the Trump baby balloon near the Lincoln Memorial on Washington, D.C.'s National Mall, just hours before Trump plans to deliver a speech at that very location. As of July 1, the activist group has raised more than $14,000 through GoFundMe to raise money for protest. The initial goal is $20,000.

Alex McBride/Getty Images News/Getty Images

National Park Service (NPS) spokesperson Mark Litterst spoke to ABC News about Code Pink's protest on Wednesday, June 26, where he stated that the demonstration will be allowed, but permits have yet to be issued. He said,

The application has been approved, meaning the demonstration will be allowed to take place, but no permit has been issued yet. We are working with the applicants to determine the location and specific conditions under which the demonstration will take place.

Seeing as no permits have been issued yet, it's still unclear whether this act of protest will become a reality. However, if it does, the Trump baby blimp is sure to rain on the president's parade, especially since he's planning a huge soiree in honor of the federal holiday. On June 25, The Hill reported that Trump plans to unveil the largest and longest firework display in White House history during his "Salute to America" celebration. In addition to the fireworks, there will also be live music performances, Air Force One flyovers, and of course, Trump's speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

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Once news broke that Trump plans to speak at the Lincoln Memorial, some critics claimed that the night could transform from a Fourth of July event into a Trump campaign rally. The White House event has typically been a nonpartisan celebration, but some politicians, such as Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Virginia), claim that Trump's address could stray from this tradition. "He can’t resist injecting partisan politics into the most nonpartisan sacred American holiday there is: the Fourth of July," Connolly told The New York Times on June 5.

Judging by reports, the White House's Fourth of July party will be unconventional in a number of ways. So, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for impressive fireworks, and perhaps even a huge Trump baby blimp. Either way, it's sure to be quite the show.