A purple Los Angeles Lakers NBA Disney tee features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy on the fron...
The Disney x Junk Food NBA Collection Is The Game-Changer You Need This Season

The NBA season has begun, and it's time to get in on the hype in an ever-so-cozy way. While you stream the games in the comfort of your own home, you can show off your team spirit by wearing a sweet tee from the limited edition Disney x Junk Food NBA collection. You may already know and love Junk Food's cool, vintage-inspired t-shirts. (I mean, what's not to love? They look as though you borrowed them from your partner's closet.)

Now you can get your very own vintage-looking Mickey tee and support your fave basketball team at the same time. Available online at the NBA store, these designs feature Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck. Channel the vibes from your Disney World family vacays back in the '90s. Heck, you can even pair your tee with a cute pair of overalls or tuck them into denim shorts for instant Instagram success.

Get yourself a Mickey long-sleeve shirt to wear this fall while playing hoop with your roomies or streaming the game. If you love both basketball and Disney, this collection is a dream come true. Browse the whole Disney x Junk Food NBA collection or check out these four pieces that are top picks for your closet right now.

This Mickey Squad Tee Totally Reps Your Team

Show your spirit by purchasing something in your team's color. This Mickey squad design has Mickey, Goofy, and Donald on the front — and they're totally ready to play ball.

For some teams, this tee comes in every one of your colors. For instance, Lakers' fans can choose from purple, gold, black, and white tees. If you're a Milwaukee Bucks fan, this piece is available in just green, but it'll sure make a statement in your cheering Instas.

This Long Sleeve Tee Will Keep You Cozy This Fall

Get cozy this fall in this long-sleeve Mickey tee. This features a tough-looking Mickey spinning a basketball with your team's name across the front. Since this is so comfy, you'll want to put your hair up in a messy bun, pop some popcorn, and get cozy with your SO as you watch your teams slay all weekend long.

This Mickey Baller Tee Is Perfect For Cheesin' On The 'Gram

Say cheese while the Big Cheese spins his basketball on the front of your tee. Along with Mickey, your team's name and their logo are represented proudly right next to him.

This Mickey Tee Will Be A Top Pick For Your Wardrobe

If you don't root for one specific team, this just might be the shirt for you. It's not team-specific, and shows a fierce-looking Mickey showing off his basketball skills. He's flying through the air about to score with "Whole New Game" printed on the front. This piece will look so sweet with a pair of ripped jeans and space buns in your hair for a casual throwback #OOTD.