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The Last Full Moon Of 2020 Will Be *Magical* For 3 Zodiac Signs


Throughout life, you're continually beginning new things and ending old things. Nothing lasts forever, but at least there's always something beautiful and new awaiting you once something else has expired. In fact, the lunar cycle is the perfect example of the constant fluctuations of life. It all begins on the new moon, when you're meant to let go of the past and set a fresh intention to guide you forward. Then, once the moon has reached its ripest and fullest stage, you reach a sense of culmination, completion, and reward. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that 2020 would end with the blast of magic that is a full moon. However, no one will enjoy it more than the zodiac signs who will have the best December 2020 full moon, so if you were born with your sun or rising sign in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, count yourself lucky.

Taking place on Dec. 29 at 10:28 p.m. EST is the full moon in Cancer. It also happens to be the last full moon of the entire year, marking it with distinction. Cancer is the cardinal water sign of compassion, nurturing, protection, intuition, the mother, and the home, leaving this full moon marked by empathetic expression and warmth. The moon also happens to rule over Cancer, making this full moon within its harmonious domicile. With all of this in mind, this full moon is bound to bring you in touch with your heart and remind you of what truly matters as 2020 finally comes to a close. It's no secret this year was a hard one, so let this full moon be the emotional release and revelation you've been waiting for.

Here's what the following zodiac signs can expect:


Cancer: You're Understanding Your Inner Truth On A Deeper Level

This full moon opposes the sun in your seventh house of partnerships, highlighting what lies within your first house of the self. This means that the experience will reveal who you are and what you stand for all on your own. You may identify with the people you spend your life with and you might change yourself to suit your relationships, but there's a part of you that remains true no matter who you're spending time with. Let this full moon be your chance to rediscover your confidence and your authentic self-expression. Ask yourself, "Who am I?"

Scorpio: You're Craving New Experiences And Adventure

There's so much of this world you have yet to explore and so many new things you have yet to learn. This full moon opposes the sun in your third house of communication as it reveals the heart of your ninth house of wisdom and expansion. The experience of this full moon might just encourage you to look at the information you consume on a daily basis and ask yourself what this information means to you. What philosophies do you live by? What meanings can you glean from your experiences? Let this full moon fill you in on what spiritual journeys you'll be embarking on come 2021.

Pisces: You're Ready To Embrace The Purest Version Of Your Joy

Do you prioritize your happiness? Do you make a point of living in the present moment and taking advantage of the joyful things at your disposal? This full moon opposes the sun in your community-oriented 11th house and brings your colorful fifth house of fun and pleasure to life. This will encourage you to focus on yourself and your own artistic streak for a moment. What hobbies or modes of expression help you express your personality, thoughts, and feelings? How can you brighten your reality by committing to your creativity?