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Your Favorite Thing About Winter, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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For some of us, there's nothing funny about winter. The sky turns a constant bleary gray, the wind is so biting that it sinks its teeth into your skin, and the snow is only cute at first. All you can do is brace yourself for the cold and pray for spring. But come on, are we just gonna forget about every other thing about winter that's beautiful? Let's talk about your favorite thing about winter, according to your zodiac sign, because it might just help you remember.

Even though the clouds are dark and melancholy, and you find yourself spending way too much time indoors, who can deny the fact that winter is literally magic? All difficulties aside, winter, to me, is when we're made to understand that all things are made of impermanence. However, in the midst of so much mortality, the natural world always rises again and is reborn once spring arrives. In the meantime, you're called to explore the deepest and furthest reaches of yourself. For all the sunshine in life, there are just as many shadows. Winter is that shadow. However, its glistening elegance proves that there's nothing ugly about a shadow.


Aries: Getting To Calm Down And Be An Introvert

You're constantly on the go, fully energized and motivated to make something happen. However, that doesn't mean you don't require rest. During winter, you can rest you soul before it's roused from its slumber in spring.

Taurus: Curling Up By The Fire With A Hot Drink

You can't resist the sensual pleasures of winter. With so much cold outside, you're required to treat yourself to enough warmth to make up for it. A hot, crackling fire and a glass of something soothing is your winter dream.

Gemini: Deep Conversations While It's Pouring Outside

There's something so deep and pure about the winter. It makes you think differently and see things in a new way. The conversations you have during winter are ones you never forget, especially when it's raining outside.

Cancer: Spending Time At Home With Loved Ones

You love insulating yourself from the harsh, cold world outside and creating a winter paradise within. Of course, the best part of it all is having all your loved ones in one place, safe from the icy elements outside. Even if things are different this year — and you have to spend time with your family via Zoom or FaceTime — that extra one-on-one time is so special to you.

Leo: All The Holidays And Reasons To Celebrate

You're here for the glitz and glam of winter. The holidays and celebrations that take place during the coldest time of year are arguably the most sparkling and gilded, stirring something amazing in your heart.

Virgo: The Way People Help Each Other During Winter

Things tend to slow down during winter because it adds a whole new layer of difficulty to things. Getting errands done and being productive is lot harder, but you love the way it challenges everyone to help each other out.

Libra: Cozy Sweaters And Warm Socks

Winter fashion is on a whole other level than any other and no one knows that better than you. All the knitwear, mittens, earmuffs, beanies, boots, and, of course, warm socks just make you feel so put together.

Scorpio: Loving And Cuddling Under Heated Blankets

There's no better feeling than being safe and sound, curled up with someone you love, and surrounded by a warm blanket. That feeling is only amplified when it's winter, because it just makes you feel so incredibly lucky.

Sagittarius: Going On Exciting Winter Adventures

The truth-seeker inside of you that never rests is fully awake during winter. Whether you're ice skating, putting ornaments on a tree, drinking hot toddies, or curling up with a good book, you're here for all of it.

Capricorn: Starting Arts And Crafts Projects

You know you're a bit of an old soul at the end of the day, and there's no other time of year where you're as encouraged to do every grandmotherly thing you've been dying to do. You're here to knit, bake, and solve crossword puzzles.

Aquarius: Getting In Touch With Your Dark Side

There's a certain darkness and weirdness to you that just makes so much more sense during winter. You can talk about your strange interests, daydream of the macabre, and let your mind wander to ice-filled places.

Pisces: Spiritually Connecting With The Cold Weather

You need some real solitude in order to recharge, and for you, winter is the best form of reflection. As the cold winter sun shines a light through all the darkness, you feel like you can finally rediscover your inner voice.

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