Young black woman in winter solar eclipse 2019

These Signs May Be Stressed Out During The Last Solar Eclipse Of The Decade

You're reaching a climactic point in your journey and it's all thanks to the solar eclipse slated to take place on Dec. 26 at 12:13 a.m. ET. Astrologically speaking, a solar eclipse can rearrange the trajectory of your entire life. This is because a solar eclipse triggers the North and South Nodes, which describe the karmic path that you, as a collective, are moving toward. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst December 2019 solar eclipse, you will probably notice the changes it invokes in a serious way. Throughout your life, not every eclipse will affect you with the same intensity, but if you have placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, this one will likely have a strong impact.

This eclipse is all about owning your power, tapping into your ambitions, and acknowledging the boss you've always been. Taking place in sturdy and disciplined Capricorn, this solar eclipse won't tolerate laziness or small-minded thinking. If you're willing to work hard, you can accomplish anything, so get out there and fight for your dreams.

Feeling anxious about this astrological event? Don't sweat it. Even though an eclipse can be the harbinger for something as devastating as a breakup, a job change, or an identity crisis, it can still be a super positive experience. An eclipse can bring news of a marriage proposal, a promotion, or a baby on the way. See what I'm getting at? While an eclipse can bring major changes, these changes can be just as awesome as they are stressful. Either way, have faith that you're exactly where you're meant to be right now and everything will work out.


Aries: You May Be Dealing With A Major Shift In Your Career

This solar eclipse addresses your public life and your reputation. You may experience a revelation that pertains to the career path you should be following. This could mean something as major as a promotion or a career change. Whatever happens, it may be an experience you won't be able to keep a secret. Your superiors are taking notice of your work, whether you've been working hard or hardly working.

Cancer: A Relationship May Be Forming Or Growing Apart

Your perspective of relationships is being addressed during this solar eclipse. What do you gain from your current relationships and what efforts do you put into them? This solar eclipse could be the start of a beautiful and exciting new partnership. It could also strengthen a current one. However, it may also be time to say your farewell to someone who currently has no positive impact on your life.

Libra: You're Facing The Truth About Your Home Life

Are there tensions brewing within your family? Are you coming to terms with improvements that need to be made at home? This solar eclipse may provoke a startling change that affects your relationship with your family, as well as your living situation. Let these changes encourage you to make decisions that bring you closer to creating the home you've always wanted. You have the power to forge your own safe space.

Capricorn: You're On The Verge Of A New Beginning

It's time to acknowledge the attachments that have been holding you back from becoming the person you're meant to be. This solar eclipse will take away whatever you've been relying on or committing to at the expense of your own personal growth. Even if it severs relationships or cancels projects, be brave and have faith in what the future brings. You're making space for something new and exciting. Time to clean out the closet.