The Date Night In That You've Been Craving, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Let's be real here: Dating can be expensive. Between the restaurant bill after plenty of cocktails, buying tickets to the latest festivals, and trying your hardest to impress your date, it all adds up to taking a huge chunk out of your paycheck. However, not everyone needs to spend a lot of money in order to feel romantic, and the date night-in that you've been craving, according to your zodiac sign, will help you settle in to an evening that is both inexpensive and unforgettable.

In my opinion, date night-ins are way more intimate than extravagant outings. Of course, I love being treated to tasty dinners and having a reason to get all dolled up, but I can't resist a cozy evening at home with someone I've got my eye on. I love the way staying in induces all the vulnerable conversations, romantic gestures, and soulful snuggles. You can truly get all wrapped up in your partner when you're spending time at home in a way that's not as easy when you're out and about. I mean, aren't you both just wondering if it's too early to head back to "my place" when you're out on a date? I know I am.

Aries: Playing Board Games

You love competition as a form of foreplay and nothing get's you feeling more connected to your partner than a good game. Break out the Twister and Battleship.

Taurus: Cooking Dinner Together

There's something so sensual about cooking dinner with someone you're attracted to. One of you can slice the veggies and the other can be responsible for stirring the pot.

Gemini: Playing 20 Questions

You just want to have loads of interesting conversations and get to know your date on all levels. By playing 20 Questions, they have no choice but to answer you.

Cancer: Making S'mores By A Fire

What sounds more adorable and romantic than sparking up a bonfire and making some s'mores together? I mean, you can kiss the sticky marshmallows off of each other.

Leo: Getting The Karaoke Going

To you, there's nothing more romantic than getting the star treatment, so a session of karaoke with your date fulfills that need. You can both get your nerves out of the way by belting your hearts out.

Virgo: Netflix And Chilling

You're just in the mood to cozy up with your partner and watch something fascinating on TV. You love pausing to dissect what's going on and guess the ending together.

Libra: Having A Spa Night

You're all about beauty and romance, which is why having a luxurious spa night with your date satisfies you on so many levels. Plus, seeing your date with a face mask on makes them way less intimidating.

Scorpio: Playing Truth Or Dare

You're in the mood for something that's slightly taboo and pushing the limit. I bet you're calling up your date right now at the thought of playing Truth or Dare together.

Sagittarius: Setting A Theme

You love diving deep into many different cultures and idea of a themed night thrills you. You can have a Parisian night, a cupcake night, a Disney night, a video game night, and the list goes on.

Capricorn: Building A Fort Together

You love being able to make yourself useful and build something with your date. What's cuter and more romantic than a good old fashioned fort? Grab some pillows, chairs, and blankets.

Aquarius: Getting Paranormal Together

You're down to do something creepy and adrenaline-pumping. You're the first one to suggest a date in which you summon ghosts or watch way too many episodes of paranormal TV shows.

Pisces: Making Art Together

You love daydreaming and getting creative on a date. Why not break out the colored pencils, the Polaroid camera, and the glitter to do something ridiculous and childlike together?