Someone Used The Distracted Boyfriend Meme To Get Way Too Real About Christmas

by Candice Jalili

At this point, it's a safe bet to say that you have probably seen the "distracted boyfriend" meme floating around social media at one point or another. If you're unclear, let me give you a little refresher. Those pictures of the couple walking hand-in-hand, while they dude checks out another girl? Yep, that's the distracted boyfriend, and of course, to his right is his ENRAGED girlfriend. Well, the memes are back and better than ever this holiday season with the new and improved Christmas version of the distracted boyfriend meme.

You see, the distracted boyfriend meme started as just that one picture, but recently, someone found the entire stock photo shoot of this couple and managed to create a heart-wrenching (and hilarious, if we're being honest) story of love and loss using the stock images of the couple's adventures together. The images included all sorts of ups and downs, from the couple buying a house together to them happily finding out she's pregnant to her finding suspicious text messages on his phone and him denying that he had anything to do with the pair of women's panties she found. You get the picture — real soap opera style drama for this couple.

Now, someone has taken all of the freaking hilarious stock images and turned them into amazing, Christmas-themed memes.

When you're cheating on Christmas 2017 with Christmas 2018.

When you get caught giving a slapdash gift.

When someone dares to question the greatness of Love Actually.

When a sprout under your turkey takes you by surprise.

When your Christmas dinner isn't up to par.

When your family starts to talk about politics.

When you buy presents for yourself after Christmas versus when you buy presents for everyone before.

Yet again, this one photo shoot has managed to SLAY me. Or, in this case, should I say that it SLEIGHED me... haha, get it?

Christmas isn't the only theme the distracted boyfriend memes can be applied to, either. No, people have actually been using them to apply to all sorts of topics.

The distracted boyfriend takes on Brexit.

The distracted boyfriend juggling Pokemon models.

The distracted boyfriend meme describing the work place.

The distracted boyfriend exemplifies the state of media today.

The distracted boyfriend explores the psyche of a cat.

The distracted boyfriend sheds light upon copyright issues within the meme community.

OK, at this point, I'm pretty much 100 percent convinced that the distracted boyfriend meme can be used to describe literally anything. World peace? Distracted boyfriend meme! The current political climate? Distracted boyfriend meme! Complex societal issues that can't properly be put into words? USE THE DISTRACTED BOYFRIEND MEME TO DESCRIBE THEM. I mean, it's only a matter of time before schools start using it in textbooks to teach children everything. For example, just spit-balling here, but Benedict Arnold could be the distracted boyfriend, whose girlfriend WAS the United States Army, but he's checking out Great Britain. See where I'm going with this?? I've got to show it to my teacher friends ASAP.

Anyway, back to the main point here: If you're feeling a little blue this holiday season, allow these distracted boyfriend Christmas-themed memes to lift your spirits and make all of your holiday stress and struggles feel totally understood. Also, these memes are just a good laugh.

Happy Holidays and here's to hoping for the next wave of distracted boyfriend memes. Maybe the New Year's Eve-themed Distracted Boyfriend? We all know that scoundrel is going to be checking out other ladies as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

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