How The Blood Moon In Leo Will Change You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you've been feeling overwhelmed lately, make sure you take it easy on yourself. We're in the middle of an incredibly strange time in astrology. I mean, haven't you heard? A total lunar eclipse is slated to take place on Jan. 21, 2019, and if you know anything about what this cosmic occurrence means, you owe it to yourself to let the universe take over the wheel. The entire world is about to turn upside-down, and how the blood moon in Leo 2019 will change you, according to your zodiac sign, might help you make sense of what's going on right now.

As the full moon is overtaken by a spooky crimson red, the impact of a lunar eclipse is just as mysterious as it looks. Taking place in the fiery, expressive, creative, and unapologetically glamorous sign of Leo, this lunar eclipse is bringing you closer to your ultimate destiny. Essentially speeding up time and blasting through your current reality, a blood moon can completely transform your life, and oftentimes, there's nothing you can do about it. However, even if these changes are stressful at first, it's all meant to help realign your focus and put you in the right direction. I know it sounds unrealistic, but try trusting in what fate has in store for you. It's more beautiful than you can possibly imagine.


You're undergoing a creative self-discovery. You're tuning in to your inner-child and listening to what inspires you. If there's something holding you back from harnessing your fullest creativity, the universe might be forcing you to embark on a much more colorful path.


Your home and emotional core are undergoing changes. The universe might be transforming your home environment or your family arrangement. However, these changes could be as simple as reconnecting with your innermost roots and rethinking your values.


Ideas are flooding your brain and you're connecting the dots in a way that feels new to you. There could be transformative conversations on the horizon where the truth is finally revealed. If you have siblings, there could be major changes in your relationship with them.


Your foundation in life is under scrutiny. You may be feeling financially insecure during this time. However, it could also mean that you're finally letting go of financial burdens or irresponsible habits that have been holding you back. Unexpected wealth could also be on the way.


You are redefining who you are and coming to terms with the person you're becoming. There may be a version of your former self that you need to let go. You're shedding your skin and letting the world know that you've grown. It's time to leave the past behind.


Your subconscious is flooding your conscious mind. You're realizing inner truths that were previously mysterious to you. Confusing situations may finally be experiencing some clarity. Look around you for signs from the universe. Listen carefully to your intuition.


You're in the midst of meeting so many people, possibly even reconnecting with old friends. This could also mean you're letting go of communities that no longer serve your highest self. Your friends and the people you care about are undergoing some major changes.


There are major changes coming in your career, possibly in the way you deal with power in your life. You could be coming in to some major responsibilities or receiving recognition for your work. It's time for you to fight for your rights and demand what you deserve.


You're about to leave behind your comfort zone in a major way. The universe is calling on you to expand your mind and go where you've never gone before. This could mean going back to school, traveling, or embarking on an adventure that takes you new places.


A major aspect of your life could be coming to an end. This will feel emotional and super intense. However, the new beginning that follows is full of hope, even though life may never be the same again. This could also mean that an overwhelming sexual awakening is on the horizon.


Your closest relationships are transforming. You could be going through a breakup or even entering a relationship with someone new. A business partnership can possibly be on the horizon, as well as a new friend. The relationships that survive this period are here to stay.


Your overall mental, physical, and spiritual state is enduring a major transformation. You're realizing the ways in which you need to take better care of yourself and keep your priorities in check. Listen to your body and soul. Give them what they need. Let them guide the way.