3 Major Moon Events Are Happening In January & Here's What You Need To Know

And just like that, 2018 is officially ancient history. What are your hopes and dreams for this new year? Your resolutions? Have you started writing everything down and manifesting your reality? No matter what anyone tells you, free will is your strongest weapon, and you can change everything for the better in 2019 if you're willing to stay focused on your goals. Of course, that's always easier said than done, right? Sometimes the universe can't help but intervene with your plans, and when you hear about the moon events happening January 2019, you'll want to start expecting the unexpected.

The major lunations scheduled for January aren't your usual, run-of-the-mill lunations. In fact, I'd call the moon events of the first month of 2019 turbo-charged with power. Instead of a new moon in Capricorn, you'll be experiencing a partial solar eclipse. Instead of a full moon in Leo, you'll be faced with a total lunar eclipse. What does this all mean? It signifies that 2019 will begin in quite a dramatic fashion, and in some way, shape, or form, you'll be forced to let go of the past and adapt to the inevitable future. You can use this energy to your benefit or let it rush over you like a wave that cannot be stopped. Either way, change is coming.

Partial Solar Eclipse In Capricorn on Jan. 5

Because this partial solar eclipse takes the place of our regularly scheduled new moon, you'll feel its changes internally. It will take shape within like a freshly planted seed. Your feelings may change, your ideas may shift, and you'll feel the vibrations of a new beginning starting to unfold. If this eclipse affects your sun, moon, or rising sign, you won't be able to sit still with these changes. Like the butterfly must leave behind the cocoon, it's time for you to leave behind a past which now constricts you.

This eclipse activates the Cancer-Capricorn axis, continuing a series of transformations that began with a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on Jul. 12, 2018. This is merely the next phase in a journey that's already underway, and if you felt like your life was in limbo back then, you may be entering unknown territory once again.

Taking place in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, this eclipse will help you build the bricks of a new reality. Capricorn knows discipline, karma, hard work, and limitations. It's time to deal with the consequences of the decisions you've been making, however, it's also time to learn from the past in a meaningful way and guarantee a stronger future.

Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo And Blood Moon On Jan. 21

When one eclipse takes place, at least one more is soon to follow. In January 2019's case, the second eclipse replaces a full moon in Leo just a few weeks later. Even though both eclipses signify major changes, a lunar eclipse works slightly differently than a solar eclipse. While a solar eclipse initiates a new beginning, a lunar eclipse tends to be the harbinger of something coming to an end. A solar eclipse also tends to take place internally while a lunar eclipse tends to manifest itself externally, demanding concrete action or subjecting you to unavoidable shifts in your reality.

This lunar eclipse taps into the Leo-Aquarius axis, which calls attention to your relationship with yourself versus your relationship with the community at large. Eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius axis have been taking place as far back as 2016, but the one you'll remember most recently took place in January and February of 2018. Point blank: The dichotomy between the self and the world has been a theme over the past few years.

In the fiery, unabashed, self-loving zodiac sign of Leo, this lunar eclipse will dramatically shape the way you express yourself, honor yourself, and demand respect. Allow aspects of your world that dim your light to fall by the wayside.