This Is The Outfit SO Many Celebs Wore On The VMAs Red Carpet

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Not to be dramatic, but am I the only one that noticed the blazer trend at the 2019 VMAs? Typically, a red carpet event is flooded with girly gowns and the like, but this year, all the biggest names in music strutted their stuff in blazers and suits, and I couldn't have loved it more. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Megan Thee Stallion served up fall fashion inspo by way of a stylish statement blazer, and I'm here to walk you through the top looks so you can get in on the action for autumn.

Given that her new album, Lover, is being blasted everywhere, it's safe to say all eyes were on Taylor Swift when she hit the red carpet, and her Versace look kicked off the night's blazer-ventures. Her jacket featured sharp, structured shoulders, a colorful Versace print, and oh yeah, rhinestones covering every inch of the material. It was a look and a half, and it proudly declared, "I'm back, betches — and so are blazers." These words were never outright uttered, but instead, they oozed from the essence of the look. I'm getting carried away, but just go with it.

Her red carpet 'fit wasn't Swift's only blazer of the night, though...

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...She also threw on this royal blue rhinestoned number to serenade the crowd with her newest single, "Lover":

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Swift might win for Most Bedazzled Blazer, but it's safe to say Megan Thee Stallion was a close second:

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This look was Hot Girl Transitioning Her Summer Wardrobe Into Fall fire, y'all. Megan paired a studded black leather blazer with a matching bra, underwear, and boot situation, and if those undies were black jeans or liquid leggings, I'd 100% wear this for a fall Girl's Night Out. Megan, thank you for showing us that Hot Girls wear blazers, too.

For her blazer, Queen Latifah skipped the embellishments, and let a bold PSL-inspired hue do the talking:

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If Pumpkin Spice Latte suiting isn't fall 2019's biggest trend, I'm suing. Queen Latifah rocked an all-orange fit, and that blazer really fit her like a glove. Fingers crossed she kept it to pair with boyfriend jeans and booties for future fall Starbucks runs.

E! News Host Carissa Culiner also hopped on the blazer bandwagon, and her silver sequined houndstooth moment really stood out:

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Um, hi, this look is fun AF! Culiner paired her sequined blazer with matching short-shorts a la Megan Thee Stallion's look, and I could totally see this 'fit working well for fall if the silver sandals were swapped out for some black tights and over-the-knee boots. Into it!

Last but definitely not least for the ladies, Salt N' Peppa's Cheryl Wray proved leopard print is the trend that just wont die:

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Is there anything so classic as a leopard look paired with a bold red lip? Methinks not, although I especially love how Wray paired a leopard bra and lacy black tights with the blazer to add some modern edge. So chic!

Obviously, a ton of male celebs wore suits on the carpet, too, and a few deserve props for their bold choices. Lance Bass's pink patterned jacket was honestly goals:

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And I'm honestly living for Diplo's statement jacket, from the colorful frogs to the "LSD" written down the arm:

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And finally, Jesse Tyler Ferguson's black-and-yellow patterned jacket was most definitely a nod to Cher from Clueless, don't fight me on this:

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If the above isn't prove that everyone needs a statement blazer in their closet for fall 2019, then I don't know what is! Whether you opt for a bold color, a fun pattern, or extra AF embellishments, find a blazer you love this season and pair it with everything from trousers to denim to matching bra and underwear sets. It's Hot Girl Fall, y'all!