These Are The Best Songs From Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Album To Work Out To

Sticking to the same gym routine can get monotonous quickly. If you're getting into a little bit of a rut with your own regimen, you're in luck, because the workout songs on Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next album are poppin'. The 12-track lineup is pretty varied in terms of style, so there's a song for just about any kind of exercise you can imagine. Whether you're crushing a HIIT circuit, a long run, or even a yoga flow, Ari's got a bop for you to play on repeat while you sweat your stuff.

Of course, if you work out on the reg, you probably already have a go-to list of songs to keep your energy up. But adding some new tunes to your repertoire can do wonders to keep you interested and engaged in your routine. "Getting creative with moves and music can keep things efficient, effective, and fun,” Vince Sant, fitness expert, certified trainer, and co-founder of V Shred, an online fitness portal, tells Elite Daily in an email.

Putting together a good workout playlist can also be a great way to harness the power of emotion to fuel your energy for an amazing sweat session, explains Carrie Dorr, founder and former CEO of Pure Barre. "Music is a powerful motivator and can have an amazing impact on your workout," she tells Elite Daily over email. "To optimize your playlist, choose songs with higher beats per minute (BPMs) for faster exercise (cardio) and lower BPMs for slower exercise (strength training, stretching)."

Are you ready to channel all of your frustration into a high-energy run, or calm things down with a gentle yoga session? GOOD, because Ari's new album has the perfect song for whatever it is your body might be craving.

"bloodline" has the best cycling vibes

The percussive beat in "bloodline" gives me major "Side To Side" vibes, so I can't help but automatically associate this bop with the classic cycling music video. Whether you let this song pump you up during your bike commute, or just play it on repeat as you ride a stationary bike at the gym, lyrics like "Take it or leave it, you gotta take it or leave it like uh" are sure to keep you feeling like a champion as you get your sweat on.

Play "NASA" on your next hike

From the iconic beginning lines, "This is one small step for woman / One giant leap for woman-kind," to the "I'm a star, I'ma need space" chorus, the independence in "NASA" is a mood. It can be fun to work out with friends or your SO, but if you ask me, this song is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Grande's clever space pun and head off for some alone time. If you live near a trail that offers a great view at the peak, you'll really feel on top of the world after working to reach the summit. But you can definitely chase this same empowering feeling power walking up a nearby hill, or even exploring a patch of nature with no distractions.

Squat your stuff to "needy"

Whenever you're doing multiple sets of a strength-training exercise, it can be helpful to have music with a steady rhythm to help you count down your reps. Ari's new song "needy" isn't too fast or too slow to time an amazing squat session to, so embrace the energy of lines like "I'ma scream and shout for what I love" and slay that workout, girl.

"ghostin" has a great tempo for yoga

Yoga can definitely be hardcore, don't get me wrong. But there's something about a gentle flow with soft background music that really helps calm my body and my mind. Grande's song "ghostin" is much more lyrical and ethereal than many of the other songs on her new album. A number of fans suspect that the soft song is a tribute to the late Mac Miller, thanks to lines like "He just comes to visit me / when I'm dreaming every now and then." Whatever the inspiration was for this dream-like song, there's no doubt that it has a spiritual vibe that would make a great soundtrack to a slow yoga session.

"bad idea" will help you pace yourself during a run

If you're a pretty regular runner, you know that pacing is everything when it comes to going the distance. A song like "bad idea" is great to run to because it keeps just the right beat to help regulate each step until the motion becomes second-nature, and all you have to think about is how powerful you are.

Crush a HIIT circuit with "7 rings"

The sass, the attitude, and the confidence in "7 rings" all have me totally floored. I'm so here for the fact that Ari is unapologetically owning her greatness, and a HIIT workout sounds like a great way to channel the high energy of this hit single. Plus, what's better than a workout that builds you up both physically and mentally?

Dance your heart out to "thank u, next"

One of the biggest bops of the year so far, "thank u, next" just deserves a dance party, in my opinion. The jazzy rhythm, sassy lyrics like "now, I'm so amazing" call for all the body rolls and bold moves you can summon. If you think dancing isn't a workout, let loose to this song and just try to emerge without getting your heart rate up. It's practically impossible.