The Best Wellness Subscription Boxes To Start Your New Year Off On The Right Foot


December means holidays and gift-giving galore, but it also signifies the end of a year and the impending arrival of another. It's a time to turn over a new leaf, to consider what priorities will be important to you in the new year. But it can feel a little daunting to figure out what the next 365 days of your life will look, right? Enter: subscription boxes, aka the gift that truly keeps on giving. For 2019, why not look into the best wellness subscription boxes to help you take care of yourself throughout the new year? It's an easy way to explore new interests you've been meaning to look into, and if nothing else, it's a nice way to treat yo'self on a regular basis.

Each of these subscription boxes is targeted to a specific aspect of your life, so you can pick and choose whichever part of yourself could use a little more attention or extra love in 2019. Plus, many of these services prioritize supporting small businesses and individual artisans, so you'll be getting unique products and helping someone else continue their passion.

Whether you choose to travel to a balmy island through Vacation Crate or connect more deeply to the lunar cycle by subscribing to MoonBox, you'll have all the tools you need to learn something new and take care of yourself in 2019.

Turn your period into a party

I definitely do not look forward to my period each month, and I'm willing to bet you probably feel the same. But looking forward to some goodies catered specifically to making PMS better might take a little bit of the stress out of that time of the month — dare I say, it might even make it more fun?

Blume subscription boxes are customizable, so if you're hardcore #TeamTampon or #TeamPads, you'll be all set either way. You can also mix and match absorbencies, add on chocolate treats, essential oil blends, and lots of other self-care products that'll make your time of the month so much more pleasant.

Experiment with seasonal produce

If you love experimenting in the kitchen, but don't always have the time (or money) to go out in search of new seasonal fruits and veggies, Hungry Harvest is a great way to ensure that you'll have an abundance of consciously sourced goods from local farms.

What's more, Hungry Harvest's mission, according to its website, is to rescue produce that might otherwise go to waste and support local farmers. Depending on how much food you want delivered each week, you can opt for a mini box for $15, a full one starting at $25, or even a super box starting at $35 for all of the fruits and veggies you could ever want.

Connect with the lunar cycle

Whether you're new to learning about the moon cycle or you're a total expert, chances are you'll appreciate the care with which MoonBox is assembled. Each box includes four crystals, a guided meditation, artisan products, and more spirituality-themed goodies — all to be used in coordination with that month's lunar phases.

Care for your mind

With rotating themes like meditation, stress relief, mindfulness, and more, each delivery of Calmbox can help to support some aspect of your mental wellness. Get goodies like soothing candles, nourishing snacks, calming music, and much more — all carefully chosen to help keep your mind at its strongest and healthiest.

Inspire a new workout routine

I don't know about you, but the power of a cute workout shirt or a brand new pair of stretchy leggings is practically limitless when it comes to motivating me to prioritize fitness, and that's what BarBella Box is all about. The subscription service sends you new snacks, workout tips, apparel, and more each month to help you commit to a lifestyle that'll keep your body strong.

Bonus: Whether you're a hardcore yogi or like to lift weights to build muscle, you'll find plenty of treats in each box that you'll be able to incorporate into your regular workout routine.

Discover an amazing new book

A good book can offer an escape from the stresses of everyday life. It can also teach you something new, help you navigate a relationship, or even just make you laugh.

Not everyone has the same reading speed, or, let's be honest, taste in books, so each Book of the Month box includes five different books to flip through. You can pick a favorite to add to your reading list (or hold on to more for $9.99 each).

Travel (virtually) to the opposite side of the globe

If I had my way, I'd travel to a new city pretty much every week to experience the food, the culture, the history, and to expand my horizons. Vacation Crate brings the wonders of travel to you with each box, packed with all kinds of handmade, artisanal accessories and beauty products to use at home or bring with you the next time you jet off on an adventure. So many different cultures are highlighted in each box, and supporting low-income female designers from all over the globe is a total plus.