If You Want To See A Millennial Lilac Sunset, Add These Places To Your Bucket List

Once the end of the day rolls around, we all know to look to the horizon for a magical show: the sunset. There's no denying we've all be guilty of dropping what we're doing to snap a solid pic for the 'Gram. Believe me, I've been there more times than I can recall, and part of the reason why we're so captivated by sunsets is that dreamy purple hue. In fact, a sunset is the prime sight to get your fill of the millennial lilac color everyone's raving about. If you want to take the most gorgeous pics, you need to travel to the best places for millennial lilac sunsets.

Traveling, sunsets, and millennial lilac — what more could you want? This is actually the perfect chance to take advantage of your wanderlust for a good cause of stepping up your Instagram game. It's also a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something that only nature can show us, so if you're jumping on that lilac train, try heading to any of these nine spots. Don't forget your camera, a cozy blanket, and your favorite people, because you'll need someone else there to verify that what you're looking at doesn't even need a filter.

On A Rooftop With An Epic View Of The City
Casey McCallister/Stocksy

The summer is the prime time for a rooftop party if you're living in the city. As the sun sets, you'll notice the entire cityscape turn that gorgeous millennial lilac color we're all living for. As the purple sky fades into the skyscrapers, people start to emerge from the buildings with happy hour specials on their minds.

At The Top Of A Mountain, After A Long Hike
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Treat yourself to the sweetest purple sunset after a long day of hiking up a mountain. The closer you get to the sky, the better the #views. When you're on top of the world, you have no obstacles like trees or buildings in your way. It's just the gorgeous sky and you, so take it all in.

On The Shore With The Water Reflecting All Of The Colors
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Anywhere near the water is a great place to watch the sunset, because you're really experiencing a double sunset when the water reflects the colors back to you. If you feel like traveling, jet off to the beaches in Malibu or a tropical spot in Kauai. You'll really want to caption your Instagram pic, "Meet me where the sky touches the sea."

At Joshua Tree National Park
Paul Edmondson/Stocksy

Use the lilac sunset as an excuse to go camping in the desert. Places like Joshua Tree in California are perfect if you're down to get some nature in your snapshot as well. Take a silhouette photo of the yuccas with the purple sky in the background. Then, treat yourself to some much deserved s'mores for capturing that awesome pic.

On A Cliff Where You'll Get The Best Of Both Worlds
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Trust me — standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean has one of the best views when you're gazing at the sunset. Not only are you up high and close to the sky, but you'll have that salty breeze flowing through your hair and you may just spot some dolphins, too. If you're looking for someplace close by, consider heading to Montauk for a great shot.

On A Boat Surrounded By Endless Beauty

Chilling on the shore makes for a breathtaking sunset pic, but you haven't experienced it fully until you're smack dab in the middle of the ocean surrounded by purple skies. Plan a cruise with your best friends, and make it a point to head to the top deck right as the sun's setting. When the sky changes colors, you'll have a gorgeous backdrop for your squad selfies.

Take It To The Pier

As the sun goes down, the neon lights begin to shine. Finding a colorful setting like the pier is a great place to showcase the juxtaposition of the day ending, the and night beginning. In fact, the Santa Monica Pier is a perfect location to add to your sunset bucket list. You'll see the Ferris wheel start to light up with bright colors just as the sky turns purple in the background.

A Flower Field You Can Twirl Around In
Mauro Grigollo/Stocksy

There's something so magical about a purple sunset that makes you want to dance around in a flower field. Get your friends together for a picnic surrounded by colorful flowers. Make sure to wear your favorite floral sundress, and as the sun goes down, dance it out in the purple glow like you're Meredith and Cristina from Grey's Anatomy.