The Best Netflix Show To Marathon, Based On Your Relationship Status

Courtesy of Pop

Dating is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you're sitting on the back of a motor-scooter behind the person you love in a picturesque beach town, feeling like the star of your own rom-com, and sometimes you're standing in line at the Goodwill Outlet only to see on Instagram that the person you thought you were dating is on a dreamy vacation with someone who is not you. (That's literally out of my life.) Of course, through it all, one things is always there: Netflix. And if you're wondering what the best Netflix show to marathon based on your relationship status is, look no further.

Though it can be totally cute to watch TV with a boo, sometimes TV is best shared with friends or family, or (my personal favorite) by your own d*mn self. Watching TV alone means you get to decide the volume, whether or not you want subtitles, and you get to eat all your snacks without sharing. Besides, you're still your own person no matter whose Netflix account you're using.

If you're looking for a new show, or if want to jump back into an old fave, here are the best ones to marathon based on your relationship status: 2019 Edition.

Have Yet To DTR & Low-Key Stressed About It/On & Off With Someone/In A Dating-App Loop: "Easy"

If you've been sleeping with someone for a while but you're not sure if they've deleted their Tinder (because you already deleted your Tinder), or they just left you on-read and you're trying to be "chill" about it but actually feel really freakin' stressed, Easy is *insert Lena Dunham voice* the voice of our generation.

It's a comedy anthology about romancé in the ~digital era~ (every episode centers on different characters) so it's kind of like watching a bunch of short movies in a row. Based in Chicago with a pretty diverse cast (that improvises almost all their lines, I googled it), Easy touches on dating apps, open relationships, queerness, city living, gentrification, and that feeling when you can't go ten minutes without checking your phone and just want an overpriced IPA from a DIY brewery in a garage.

Just Got Dumped/Contemplating Joining A Convent: "Weeds"

Taking it back to 2005, watching Weeds after you get dumped is the perfect pick me up. With biting commentary on the Bush administration, and all the ridiculous trouble that rich Suburban mom turned big-time drug dealer, Nancy Botwin, finds herself in, you'll both laugh and be totally transported back to the low-rise jeans and strappy sandals of the early 2000s. (Which, are kind of coming back?)

If your relationship ended out of the blue, or if you've been fighting for a while and your boo finally called it quits, getting dumped is so incredibly painful. Though you may be tempted to drown your sorrows in a sad movie, or to watch romantic comedies and cry to yourself, let me tell you — watching a 2005 satire is totally the way to go. You'll laugh, you'll feel better about your own problems, and you'll think about all the crazy things people wore in 2005.

Just Dumped Someone/Giving Up On Love: "Kim's Convenience"

If you just ended things with a partner, or you realized you need some time for yourself, you may be in the mood for something light-hearted but not sugary or sappy. Kim's Convenience is — and I'm not exaggerating — one of the funniest things I have ever watched, and it's still so incredibly smart and topical that you won't feel like you're watching trash TV. Because you're not, because it's literally the best show ever.

Based in Toronto, the show is about a Korean-Canadian family that runs a corner store in a neighborhood faced with rapid gentrification. You get the perfect mix of sentimental family relationships, character growth, and immigrant-family experiences. Also, Simu Liu plays the older brother and is literally such a hunk, you'll be drooling on your computer.

Happily Single/Dating Around/Feeling Yourself: "Grace & Frankie"

Lily Tomlin is a literal mommy, and is so iconic to me that she could film herself getting a pack of gum at a gas station and I would watch it on repeat. If you're starting to get back out there after a relationship ending, or if you're embracing some alone time with an open heart, Grace and Frankie is everything you need and more.

After getting totally dumped by their long-term husbands (who turned out to be gay lovers — hot) Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda become something of a girl group. The show is about change, relationships ending, taking back your life, and finding amazing femme friendships every step of the way. Also, all of the clothing is amazing, and their beach house is so big and pretty, it will make you cry.

Not-So-Happily Single/Not Really Feeling Yourself: "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

The show follows the iconic Rebecca Bunch, a super bougie lawyer in NYC making a butt-ton of money, to West Covina, California — a move completely and entirely inspired by a boy (though she'll spend two seasons denying that). Though Rebecca dates a number of super hot dudes throughout, the show is about her being OK with herself, following her own career goals, and taking accountability for her needs. The iconic creator, Rachel Bloom, has said she built the show to depict a story where falling in love was not the ending or the goal, and where having a romantic relationship didn't mean everything else was perfect.

I don't really like musicals, so if we're being completely honest, I sometimes skip over some of the songs. However, this show is validating and representative of dealing with mental health, and fighting both external and internalized misogyny implicit in dating. The entire show is based on challenging labels like "crazy ex-girlfriend" itself, as well as fighting feelings of jealousy or comparison between other women. Honestly, a perfect watch if you're not super happy to be single.

Honeymoon Phase/Totally Happy And In Love: "Queer Eye"

I get it. You're super in love, you're having bomb sex, you're going on cute dates. Why not totally soak it all up and watch one of the best things to ever happen to the world? I'm talking about the new iteration of Queer Eye, obvi.

Apart from the amazing clothes, beyond home makeovers and wonderful food — Queer Eye can be the catalyst to some deeper conversations with your boo, like what type of things make you each feel most loved, and what parts of your life you could use more support in. The Fab Five are amazing at creating space for honesty and communication, as well as validation and support. Whether you talk about your ideal vacation or wane about your dream home, watching this show with a new boo that you're totally gaga for can be super cute and still sentimental.

Deep Into A LTR/Stable And Committed: "Chef's Table"

If you and your partner have been dating forever, watching a beautiful show about travel, food, and far-off lands can be both romantic and inspirational. Whether you make a list of the recipes you're going to try (and will probably butcher, but that's half the fun!) or you add to your list of dream vacations, watching Chef's Table can be like making a vision board of all the things you want to do and the places you want to go with your partner.

If you feel like you and your boo have gotten a little too comfortable in your routine, watching Chef's Table can be a great segue into trying a new restaurant or taking an impromptu weekend trip to try that new bar two hours away. You can let your imaginations run wild and start to think about real plans you can make.

Whether you prefer your Netflix alone, or if you like sharing shows with the people you date — watching TV can be a great way to relax and unwind. Of course, no matter your romantic status, it can be fun to marathon any show at any time. You know your mood better than anyone else, and you know what you want to be streaming. But there's nothing as satisfying as watching something on TV and thinking, "They get me." With these seven shows, you'll feel that — over and over and over again.