The Best Late-Night Snack For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's late, and you're hungry. You've got Netflix on, and you simply can't think of the right treat to munch on that will really, truly hit the spot. Well, worry not, my peckish-yet-indecisive friends, because for your eating pleasure, I have compiled a list of the best late night snacks for you, based on your zodiac sign. Yes, astrology lovers, you can thank me as you're wiping the crumbs off your comforter, because I've got you totally covered on this one.

Now, listen, I know late-night snacking gets a bad rap sometimes, and sure, some people (aka doctors) often say it's bad for your circadian rhythm, and that you should do most of your eating in the daytime. But let's be real here: Who doesn't need a little something to munch on at midnight from time to time? Whether it's popcorn, chocolate, or a delectable combination of the two (any snack that is salty and sweet is automatically the best — do not fight me on this), everyone has a favorite late-night snack they look forward to digging into in the wee hours of the evening.

But if you find yourself standing in front of your fridge with your tummy rumbling and your mouth agape, with no clue how to satisfy your late-night hunger, here's what your go-to midnight snack should be, according to your zodiac sign.

Capricorn, How About A Nice Chunk Of Peanut Brittle?

Cap, you're a unique soul, so it's no wonder that, of all things to crave at midnight, you're hankering for a little crystallized sugar with nuts sprinkled on top.

Why? Because this snack is old-school and set in its ways, just like you. Snap off a clean, sharp-edged piece for a salty-sweet fix while you're reading a Russian novel by candlelight.

Aquarius, You Want Nothing More Than A Bar Of Carob Chocolate

A little nibble of carob is perfect for your alternative lifestyle, Aquarius. While you're often reserved and a bit quiet, you're also extremely mindful and idealistic, even as you enjoy something sweet.

Aries, Go Ahead And Pop That Corn

When the heat is on, Aries, you can only take it for so long before you explode. You're a determined soul, and when your mind is made up, it simply cannot be unmade.

Thusly, you don't have time for complicated snacks; you want something hot and delicious ASAP, period. Popcorn is your definite go-to for a late-night snack.

Taurus Craves Peanut Butter Jelly In The Middle Of The Night

Taurus, you're a practical person for the most part, but you're often driven by pleasure, so you need something that will actually fill you up, even if it's just a late-night treat.

And since you're no stranger to all things fine and fancy, you've likely splurged on an overpriced, but undeniably delicious jar of jam that you simply cannot wait to spread on a toasted brioche with your choice of nut butter.

Nod To Your Whimsy With A Fruit Roll-Up, Gemini

It's on a sheet, it's sweet, it's malleable, and it's interactive, because you get to pull it apart if you feel like it. As a Gemini, something that keeps you sticky and busy while you snack is just what you need for a late-night treat.

Plus, you love anything that inspires nostalgia, and these babies bring you right back to the days when your favorite accessory was your Mulan lunchbox.

Cancer, Make Yourself A Cheese Tray

Cancer, you like to have options in life, and with this late-night snack, you have a nice variety laid out before you, cut into delightfully artistic shapes.

Crackers, olives, perhaps a little salami, and all the cheese — you like to get imaginative and creative with literally everything, even the munchies you make to accompany your late-night Netflix marathon.

Nachos Will Hit The Spot For You, Leo

Not a lot of effort for a lot of reward — that's the name of the game for you, Leo. You're too busy making your friends double over in laughter late at night to spend a lot of time thinking about food. But that doesn't mean you don't have one hell of an appetite, so go ahead and sprinkle on some veggies and lots of cheddar cheese.

Virgo, You'll Be Satisfied With A Quick Handful Of Nuts

Virgo, you're a no-nonsense kind of person, so you know better than to go totally HAM on a late-night snack. You'd rather not wake up with a terrible stomachache, so you're perfectly content to snack on a handful of trail mix while you enjoy your latest piece of fiction in bed.

Pisces, You're Not-So-Secretly Obsessed With Pork Rinds

A pork rind is your perfectly airy, delightfully oily, and totally delicious late-night treat, Pisces.

And why is that? Well, you're so wise, you actually kind of empathize with the pig these rinds used to be, even though you're still willing to chomp on them. In fact, you're so deeply creative that you find something sort of poetic in any kind of transformation, even if it's a food item that started as a real animal and ended up as a snack you can grab at a gas station.

Libra, Get Out The Pizza Delivery Menu

A cheese pizza is a crowd-pleaser, there's no doubt about it. It's something you can share, which you love to do, and it really, really gets the job done when it comes to satisfying late-night hunger.

You're always looking out for your friends before yourself, Libra, which is exactly why you're willing to settle with a gluten-free pie, just to make a friend with the allergy happy.

Wasabi Peas Will Satisfy A Scorpio

Hard, spicy, satisfying — you need something just as complicated in taste as you are in personality, Scorpio. This snack will give you a crunch with a burst of flavor, along with the heat that keeps you grabbing for more.

Turn On The Oven For Some Rice Krispie Treats, Sagittarius

Snap, crackle, and pop away, because this snack is perfect for the slumber party you're hosting tonight, Sag. And since you've been trying to be a little more diplomatic in your social circle lately, a universal favorite such as this is just what the astrological doctor (or maybe chef?) ordered.

Rice Krispie treats are made of ingredients that mix together to create something both beautiful and nostalgic, and you totally dig the delicious simplicity of it all.