The Best Feminist Gift Ideas That Give Back To Women & People In Need This Holiday Season


One big thing that can be frustrating about the holiday season — besides constantly having to go to cocktail parties, and the fact that "Santa Baby" is playing every time you enter a coffee shop — is the expectation to spend so much money. Seriously, it's overwhelming! But listen, friends: I challenge you to just pause for a moment before you go wild on Amazon this year, and look at where you put your dollars this season. For instance, why not make it an intention to shop for feminist gifts that give back to women? Perhaps look for companies that are run by women, that are donating some of their profits to women in need, or brands that support female artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs — there really are so many options, and lucky for you, I've laid out a few of the best ones to consider this holiday season.

It's easy to forget how powerful money can really be, especially during this time of year, when you're constantly swiping credit card after credit card, and low-key cowering in fear each time you check your bank statement (or is that just me?).

So if you're looking for gift ideas that are a little more meaningful, rather than presents that are purely glitzy and expensive, I've rounded up some of the best options to consider.

A delightful pair of knit slippers

These heaven clouds for your feet are knit by artisan women in Patagonia. According to Chilote's website, in buying a pair of these cozy slippers, you can help these hard-working women "sustain their culture and community doing what they know and love – knitting."

Slippers are always an excellent holiday gift idea, and I challenge you to find a pair more wonderful than these.

Bright and beautiful handmade bags

These unique, beautiful pouches from No.41 are handmade by women in Rwanda. The company provides these women with "skills training, business training, and access to the global market," according to its website. By supporting No.41, you're also helping to sustain employment in an economic climate where, oftentimes, it can be difficult for women to make money.

Plus, let's be real: These bags are super cute, and TBH, I want one.

A tampon subscription that gives back

Do a menstruating loved one a favor and gift them a subscription to CORA. Not only are these 100 percent organic tampons healthy for the vagina, they come in some pretty sleek packaging, too.

Plus, with every CORA purchase you make, the company gives back with health education and menstrual products to women around the world who don't have access to these resources.

A tea bundle inspired by Maya Angelou

According to its website, Bon Temps works "to help women explore their passions and do what they love" through initiatives like #FindingTimeWellSpent, which features and invests money in "female pursuits of all shapes and sizes."

"We think feminism and gender equality is a challenge (and opportunity) for both men and women," Bon Temps co-founder, Ali Ogston, tells Elite Daily in an email.

Not only does Bon Temps focus on some really great, female-focused causes, they deliver some pretty delicious teas, too. This bundle inspired by Maya Angelou looks sensational, if you ask me.

A beauty gift that keeps on giving

Body milk is the kind of thing that almost no one will actually buy for themselves, making it the perfect holiday gift. Plus, Olivela's tagline is "you shop, we donate." According to its website, Olivela donates 20 percent of its proceeds directly to one of the charities it partners with, which include the Malala Fund and Too Young to Wed.

BTW, while this body milk looks divine, Olivela has tons of other gorgeous products to shop, including beauty goodies, jewelry, and even designer pieces. Honestly, maybe you should buy all your gifts here? Just an idea.

A fancy dental care set that donates to a great cause

Quip makes the trendiest toothbrushes on the market right now, and this all-black brush set isn't just super sleek, it's philanthropic, too. According to the brand's website, every all-black Quip toothbrush sold helps to "provide oral care access and education to disadvantaged families in collaboration with the ADA Foundation."