The Best Cuddling Positions, According To 13 Men In Relationships

Cuddling is a real source of contention within my otherwise happy relationship. The problem isn't that either of us hate cuddling. He's a natural cuddler and I grew up sleeping with my mom, so falling asleep snuggling someone I feel comfortable with is my ideal. Our problem is that we both want to be the little spoon. I mean, let's face it, being big spoon sucks. It's hot and you have hair in your face and you can get farted on at any given moment. I know as far as cuddle positions go, men are "traditionally" supposed to be the big spoon and that's it, but a recent Reddit AskMen thread asked men to share their ideal best cuddle positions and, it turns out, my boyfriend and I aren't weirdos after all. (Well, to be clear, we are weirdos... just not in this sense.) Plenty of guys like positions other than big spoon.

Honestly, reading through these gave me a lot of inspiration. WHO KNEW there were so many creative cuddling positions out there? I've always felt that the way you cuddle is super important and speaks volumes about your relationship, so I'm all about this whole new world of cuddling opportunities that has been brought to my attention by this thread. Read along and try to decide if A) it's time to try a new cuddle position and 2) if your boyfriend is secretly using Reddit under username, /u/showmethebiggirls.

He just likes to have her wrapped all over him while he lies on his back.

I like to be on my back with her head on my shoulder and her arm and leg draped over me.


He strategically places himself for maximum boob contact.

Big spoon with my lower arm wrapped under her neck cupping the upper breast and my upper arm wrapped over her side cupping her lower breast.It's a huge, gropey hug.


He likes the most contact possible.

Her lying on top of me. Lying on our sides face to face and hugging. Maximum contact please.


As long as there's a woman there, he's cool.

When there is a woman there with me.


He's crossed over from big spoon to unchartered territory.

It's always been big spoon but lately face to face with our bellies touching is getting really good.


He just wants a shot at being the little spoon.

I wanna be the little spoon for once.


Unless they're watching TV, he wants to spoon.

Spooning unless watching tv. Then my on my back and her on my chest. When sleeping, spooning toward her side of the bed, so I can stop cuddling and cool off if I get hot during the night.


He likes to play with her hair while she lies on his chest.

Me on my back, her laying close beside me with her head on my chest and I'm playing with her hair.


He also likes the playing with her hair position.

Her head nestled in my chest with her arm around me. My arm around her, playing with her hair.


They go face to face for maximum kissability.

We tend to cuddle face-to-face on our sides. I like this position; I wrap my top arm around her and draw patterns on her back with my fingers while we nuzzle noses and kiss.


He goes for the most cool position.

The one that doesn’t make me hot as hell. Seriously. Women are like a furnace, I’d be shocked if when they go to use the restroom the urine doesn’t just come out as steam.


It's great for his back when she lies on his butt...but I'm concerned about the possibility of him farting in her face?!

Lying on my stomach while she perches on my butt and watches TV.
Makes my back feel great bro


And, finally, we have a real bonafide cuddle virgin! Someone cuddle him ASAP please!

Wouldn't know, never cuddled


Seriously, someone please go cuddle this guy.

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