To Stay Grounded No Matter Where You Are, Carry These 6 Crystals Throughout Your Travels

by Georgina Berbari

As fun as it is to hit the road (or the skies) and travel, being on the move can definitely be stressful, especially as your body adjusts to a brand new environment. Some people get anxious on planes, jet lag is basically a universal struggle, and don't even get me started on the nausea that can ensue during a long road trip. And while everyone has their own ways of dealing with travel-related worries and mishaps, I've found that bringing along a couple of crystals for traveling always helps me combat any of these stressors like the girlboss that I am.

If you, too, want to enjoy some of the uniquely soothing properties of crystals during your summer travels, it's important to choose the right gemstones, because there are so many different types of crystals out there, and some are especially fit to accompany you on your adventures.

According to The Chalkboard Mag, keeping these crystals close to you while you travel will ensure you're surrounded by all the good vibes throughout your adventures, and keep you grounded by representing "a little piece of home" that you've taken with you on your journey.

So the next time you hit the road or hop on a plane, make sure you pack these six carry-on crystals to help you stay totally centered during your vacay.

If You're Afraid O Flying, Pack Malachite
Giorgio Magini/Stocksy

If the thought of boarding a plane has always made you a bit queasy or anxious, holding malachite close and breathing deeply will help soothe your nerves. According to Origin Stones, there's an ancient legend that says malachite shatters or crumbles when danger is near — so if your stone is in one piece during your flight, then that means you're all good, fam!

Fear of flying is something that so many people struggle with, but your trusty malachite will remind you that you're safe and sound up in the air.

For Constant Protection, Bring Amethyst
Lyuba Burakova/Stocksy

If you tend to feel a bit unsafe when you travel, whether it's because of all the strangers surrounding you, or the potential for things to go wrong at the airport, bringing amethyst along with you will help to settle all those frazzled feels. Heather Askinosie, a crystal expert, co-founder of Energy Muse, and co-author of the book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, told Refinery29, "By shielding your spirit from negative energy, amethyst ensures that you will have a safe and peaceful journey."

Peace out, bad vibes — amethyst to the rescue.

To Ward Off Jet Lag, Carry Moonstone With You
Nabi Tang/Stocksy

I don't know about you guys, but jet lag really screws me up. Like, I'm just trying to enjoy my time in a gorgeous new location, but I literally want to go to sleep at 2 p.m. and eat dinner at 8 a.m. — thanks, body.

If you suffer from jet lag when you travel, try carrying moonstone with you. According to Origin Stones, it's a great traveling crystal that is especially known to help you get into a good sleep schedule.

To Stay Grounded, Shungite Should Be Your Go-To

When you're running through an airport or wandering through a new destination, it's understandable to feel a bit out-of-sorts and, you know, pretty much the exact opposite of grounded. But, if you have a shungite stone with you, your root chakra (which helps with feeling centered and grounded) will be aligned AF, according to The Chalkboard Mag.

Keep a couple of these bad boys in your pocket to stay balanced all vacation long, my friend.

To Calm Your Nerves, Hold Howlite Close
Chadchai Krisadapong/Shutterstock

Of course you're going to feel at least a little nervous when you venture somewhere new, but if you struggle with serious anxiety, it's not uncommon for it to feel worse when you're traveling, according to Verywell Mind, because of all of the unknown and unpredictable factors involved with new situations and locations.

However, according to Healing Crystals, wearing or bringing howlite beads along with you on your vacation can help calm an anxious or clouded mind, and relieve any tension that may have built up in your body as a result. Plus, isn't that creamy white color just so soothing in and of itself?

If You're Going On A Road Trip, Don't Forget Your Yellow Jasper
Holly Mazour/Shutterstock

Personally, motion sickness is a serious struggle for me when I'm going on a long road trip — it's not pretty, y'all.

If your body also tends to freak out over being in the car too long, Healing Crystals says holding yellow jasper close to your body can be a powerful, effective way to combat motion sickness. Stability and balance are key during those long road trips, and this warm yellow stone gets the job done like no other.