7 Costumes I Saw At The D23 Expo That Are Giving Me All The Halloween #Inspo

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This past weekend, I attended the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. If you aren't already in the know about the D23 Expo, it's basically the Comic-Con of Disney. This was only my second time going, so I kind of felt like a rookie. As a Disney lover, my favorite part of the entire weekend is knowing that I’m surrounded by fellow fans who are just as obsessed as I am. You can even see it in some of the Disney-inspired outfits people wear all weekend long. In fact, some of the best costumes from the D23 Expo 2019 will give you major Halloween inspo for this year.

Like any convention, there are cosplayers who go all-out, and at the D23 Expo, you can expect all sorts of cool Disney 'fits. I decided to go as young Ellie from the movie Up with overalls and an aviator hat I found. But my costume was nothing compared to some of the elaborate and creative outfits I saw walking around the event.

Thankfully, the D23 Expo came at just the right time to give you ideas for your Halloween costume. Maybe you don't have the time to sew together a ballgown, but you do have time to head to your local thrift store and put together the essentials to channel your favorite Disney prince or princess. If you're still having major costume block, hopefully this list will inspire you.

These 'Hercules' Looks Bring On The Nostalgia
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I'll proudly admit that Hercules is my favorite Disney movie. I could watch it over and over again. That's why I absolutely love these Hercules looks from the D23 Expo weekend. You can tap into your fave childhood movie too, and crush the Halloween costume game as one of these characters.

These Disney Princess Gowns Are Downright Magical
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The Halloween rule should be, when in doubt, go as a Disney princess. There are so many princesses to choose from that you'll never run out of ideas. These gorgeous gowns look exactly like their animated versions. If only the Belle gown my mom sewed me as a kid still fit. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

This Villainous Ursula Look Is The Real Deal
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The heroes are great and all, but I personally love a Disney villain most of all. They have the best songs and most hilarious personalities. That's why you might want to go as Ursula to your costume party this year. All you need is a black dress, shell necklace, white wig, and some purple makeup. Everyone who didn't think of this costume is a poor unfortunate soul.

These Disneyland Park Map Dresses Are So Unique
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At the D23 Expo, Disney fanatics see some pretty unique costumes like these park map dresses. The attention to detail is exactly what you'd expect from a passionate fan. Now that's Disney inspo that deserves all the gold stars.

These Mickey Gloves Make A Cute Couples Costume
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I saw these two hands walking around the expo, and every time I passed by, they put a smile on my face. You know those iconic white gloves are Mickey's, and you see them waving to you whenever you walk around the park. You and bae could go as Mickey gloves and make everyone on Halloween smile just as big as I did at the expo.

These Princess Swimsuits Are A Fun Spin On The OG Looks
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Walking around, I saw tons of different takes on Disney classics. I saw older versions of each one of the princesses, and Star Wars Jedi versions of Disney characters. So if you want to do something Disney-themed this year for your Halloween costume, but want it to be special, put a fun spin on it. You could even go for something like these Disney princesses did by wearing an Enchanted Bikini with a beach ball and inflatable swan.

This Disney Character Is An Underrated (And Incredible) Choice
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Some of my favorite characters at the expo were the Disney characters you almost forgot about. These are the minor characters in beloved films, or old classics you don't get to see a lot like this broom from Fantasia. If you want to stand out on Halloween, revisit some of your fave movies and find characters that only a true Disney fan would know about.

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