The Amazon Prime Show You Should Watch, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Amazon Prime Series You Should Marathon-Watch, According To Your Sign

The only thing better than Amazon Prime is Amazon Prime Video. The perks of being an Amazon Prime member go without saying, but nothing beats having access to stream over a thousand movies and series, especially when you're unable to leave your home. Discovering the Amazon Prime show you should watch, according to your zodiac sign, is the perfect way to embark on this online streaming journey. Or, at least, the first show you should watch.

Astrology is infinite, but the unique qualities of the 12 zodiac archetypes can, essentially, teach you a lot about your personality. For instance, learning about your natal Venus placement — the zodiac sign, the astrological house where it resides, and the planetary aspects involved — showcases what you consider appealing, entertaining, and pleasurable. The same way your natal moon sign can determine what emotionally triggers you and brings you comfort.

Looking for a specific vibe? Your personal planets — ascendant, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars — speak for themselves, so don't hesitate to consider natal placements such as the aforementioned when deciding on which Amazon Prime series to watch first. Here's why Amazon Prime is the gift that keeps on giving, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Jack Ryan

Amazon Prime

You're all for anything action-packed, Aries. Starring The Office's favorite hunk, John Krasinski, Jack Ryan tells the thrilling story of a former U.S. Marine and aspiring CIA analyst. Everything from the destruction and terrorism will have you at the edge of your seat.

Taurus: The Beginning Of Everything

Amazon Prime

If you enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby, then this one's for you, Taurus. Dripping in flamboyant 1920s glamour, The Beginning of Everything is a fictionalized adaptation of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's flapper-era love story. Ready for a swanky night in? Champagne will be chilled.

Gemini: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amazon Prime

This charming series totally reminds me of your versatility and sparkling wit, Gemini. Everything from Midge Maisel's hysterical comedy to her brilliant duality has your name written all over it. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a must-see, as is Rachel Brosnahan's stunning portrayal of the series' titular character.

Cancer: Hanna

Amazon Prime

Your obsession with mystery and suspense is underestimated, Cancer. Hanna tells the riveting story of a teenage girl — who was raised by her father in the woods — trained for murder and on a relentless pursuit. The drama/thriller series is based on the 2011 film of the same name.

Leo: Mozart In The Jungle

Amazon Prime

Theatrical is an understatement, Leo. Ambitious, passionate, and sexy, Mozart In The Jungle perfectly depicts a day in the life of Leo... OK, I'm kidding. Although, I will say, Gael Garcia's portrayal of Maestro Thomas, let alone his orchestrated adventure with the New York symphony, will make you swoon.

Virgo: Good Girls Revolt

Amazon Prime

Does the title of the series give it away, Virgo? Inspired by true events, Good Girls Revolt showcases the undeniable struggle women had no choice but to experience amidst the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Everything from the "newsroom" aesthetic to the girl power vibes is all you.

Libra: Red Oaks

Amazon Prime

There's nothing you love more than rich cinematography and charming banter, which is why you need to check out Red Oaks, Libra. Offbeat, witty, and '80s-style, the series is set in a fictional country club in the New Jersey suburbs. I think you'll dig the vibe.

Scorpio: Homecoming

Amazon Prime

You're always down for a shadowy investigation, Scorpio. After all, you are the detective of the zodiac. Eerily enough, main character Heidi Bergman is portrayed by fellow Scorpio Julia Roberts. Heidi is a therapist in a treatment center for veterans with PTSD.

Sagittarius: Sneaky Pete

Amazon Prime

You would play a role like this, Sagittarius. I don't mean it in a bad way, I promise. Thrill-seeking and risky AF, there's no doubt this series will have you at the edge of your seat. It's about a conman living a double life until his over-the-top lies catch up to him.

Capricorn: The Romanoffs

Amazon Prime

You know how I know this Amazon Prime show is for you, Capricorn? Because it sure as hell isn't for everyone. A combination of narcissistic hierarchies and ostentatious royals, this anthology series tells the story of a group of individuals who claim to be descendants of the Russian royal family.

Aquarius: The Tick

Amazon Prime

Are you even surprised, Aquarius? Eccentric, hilarious, and sort of bizarre, The Tick is about a neurotic man's figment of his imagination. It's not every day you have a blue superhero-like imaginary friend, but in all seriousness, the unconventionality of the plot series is refreshing.

Pisces: Undone

Amazon Prime

You're an advocate of surrealism, Pisces. In fact, the trippier the better, which is why this adult cartoon series reminds me of you. Mysterious and truth-seeking, Undone tells the story of a 28-year-old woman and her odd relationship with time. Watch and see for yourself.