The Allswell tiny home features a kitchen, a bed, and adorable details that are perfect for you and ...

You Can Buy This Adorable Tiny Home With Bae, So No More Paying Rent

Have you ever snuggled up in bed and dreamed about never having to pay rent again? On multiple occasions I've thought about buying a place with my significant other — like the Allswell tiny home — and kissing paying rent goodbye. It would be magical from the minute I'd wake up in the morning, start to brew my coffee, and open up the fridge that's steps away from my love and our comfortable mattress.

A tiny home isn't only something you can rent on Airbnb for an adventurous trip on the West Coast with your besties or a romantic weekend away with bae. You can actually live in a tiny home of your own that's decked out with amenities from top to bottom. All it takes is working with the people over at Allswell to customize the look and layout of your space, and create the living situation of your dreams. Rent checks, boring backsplashes, and apartment building stairs? Leave them at the front door.

I don't want to hold onto these details for another minute, because right now you could be choosing the tiling of your shower or picking out the best backsplashes for your kitchen. (You know you're a full-blown adult when that makes you so excited, right?) So let me get right into the tiny home, its features, and how you can get going on purchasing your own.


Essentially, the home was inspired by customer reviews. In an interview with Elite Daily, Rachael Durkin, Head of Retail at Allswell Home, says many customers told their service specialists they wanted to try out their mattresses in real life. They wanted to lay on them, as you do at any mattress store, and test the comfort levels of the product. The response from the company was to create a tiny home, complete with their well-priced mattresses, and tour the country with it.

They kicked off the tour in New York City right near Union Square, took the tiny home to Philadelphia on Valentine's Day and gave out roses and valentines, and stopped by the First Friday Food Truck Festival in Los Angeles. They even hosted a puppy portraits session in Boston, so customers could take a pic with their fluff and look at all the trendy and chic products.

That tour made room for one massive product that you can now buy from Allswell: the customizable tiny home. Starting at $100,000, it will eliminate your rent checks, maximize the use of your living space, and make sure you're living in style.


The space and all the amenities that come with it can be broken down into four parts: the master suite, the interior and exterior, the kitchen, and the lounge and living room. The full list of amenities can be seen on the tiny home listing on the Allswell website.

According to the listing, the master suite features one of the two Allswell best-selling mattresses: The Allswell or Luxe Hybrid. You can pick whether you want — a queen or full-size — along with many of the other details of the home. The suite also has custom-built wood displays where you can store your blankets, books, and a garage door or "breezeway." Your shower will also be in this section of the tiny home, and have custom tiling that reads "It Was All a Dream."

As for the interior and exterior, you can expect luxe flooring and a multi-angle roof with a charming peak over the door. There are hickory ceiling beams on the inside that'll make the space so cozy and really set the serene tone of the rooms. Those beams will also complement the gold and black sconces in the kitchen, white quartz countertops, and the big farmhouse sink you've been dreaming about having in your life. (I know it's in your "dream house" Pinterest board.)

In addition to those details, the kitchen has all the necessary appliances you need like a fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, two-burner cooktop, and more. On the other side of the kitchen is the lounge, complete with an entry door, L-shaped couch, storage space, and a daybed with a twin-size mattress from Allswell for when your best friends inevitably come to stay over.


If and when you're ready to purchase the tiny home, you'll start by going to the Allswell website and filling out a Tiny Home Inquiry form. That'll let the company know you're interested and give them a general idea of what you're looking for out of the tiny home before they connect you with their builder and designer. You can check off a box saying you want the exact replica of the tiny home that toured the country or one that's fully customized. There is also an option for making some tweaks if you see particular amenities and features you love and want to keep.

According to Durkin, once the primary planning is mapped out, Modern Tiny Living will connect you with their designer to work out the rest of the exciting details. She'll help you create what you're imagining for your living space, and work with you throughout the entire process.

Unfortunately, the tiny home is no longer on tour, so you can't see it IRL anymore. But Durkin says the future is promising. "We have a feeling this isn't the last will see the tiny home," she says. So trying out the mattresses and seeing the adorable barn doors may be possible. Until then, whether you're thinking about buying this customizable tiny home or not, you can follow Allswell on Instagram (@allswellhome) and sign up for their newsletter.

You never know what magical thing might hit the product list next. I think it'll be adorable and way better than paying rent, though.