Emma Roberts in the 'AHS: 1984' Episode 8 promo

The 'AHS: 1984' Episode 8 Promo Brings Up The Whole "Final Girl" Thing

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Things are finally coming together in this season of American Horror Story. Fans more or less understand which characters are bad (aka most of them) and which are good (but also still kinda bad), and now, it's time for the big showdown. Five years after the 1984 Redwood massacre, all of the main players are reconvening at Camp Redwood for the big music festival-slash-killing spree, and the AHS: 1984 Episode 8 promo hints it's going to be a real scream.

Warning: Spoilers for Episode 7 of AHS: 1984 follow. Things have changed so much since this season of AHS began. Mr. Jingles is now somehow a sympathetic character after it was revealed his mother (who is now a Redwood ghost) blamed him for his brother's death. Montana, Xavier, Chet, and Ray are also stuck at Redwood as ghosts, and now most of them are killers in their own rights. Margaret, after revealing herself to be a serial killer too (with some help from Jingles' ghost-mom), is now a real-estate mogul and is putting on a music festival at Redwood. And Brooke, who was wrongfully convicted of killing all the counselors at Redwood, narrowly escaped death by lethal injection thanks to Donna, and now both ladies will soon join all the other killers back at camp. TBH, the only character who has pretty much remained the same throughout the season is Richard Ramirez (aka the Night Stalker) — he's still up to his old satanic rituals and gory killings.


Clearly, it's been a whirlwind season so far, and since AHS: 1984 only has nine episodes, it makes sense that the show is finally helping viewers make sense of all the storylines. Right now, the main question is about why the people who are killed at Redwood have to remain stuck there as ghosts, an issue that was fleshed out even further when it was revealed in Episode 7 that Jingles' mom killed a bunch of people and herself when her other son Bobby died at camp back in 1948. Could this all go away if the "lady in white" is finally reunited with her spectral son?

Of course, there are plenty of other issues still at hand, including the impending battle between Ramirez and Jingles, which is being billed as a classic horror movie "final battle." Fans are also hoping to see Margaret get killed, since she was responsible for many of the characters' deaths or near-deaths. And then there's the seemingly inevitable fight between Brooke and Montana, who definitely have a mutual dislike for one another now.

And speaking of Brooke, the once-innocent character has gotten pretty badass since her multiple brushes with death, and it appears she's still getting set up to be the show's "final girl," which is another horror trope referring to the last woman standing in a slasher movie.

Check out the promo for Episode 8, which is titled, "Rest in Pieces," below:

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