The ghosts in the 'AHS: 1984' Episode 7 promo

The 'AHS: 1984' Episode 7 Promo Brings Everyone Back To Camp Redwood


Uh, is American Horror Story OK? The Oct. 23 episode threw pretty much everyone for a loop with its sporadic time-jumping and shocking where-are-they-now catch-ups, and it was enough to leave viewers' heads spinning. Luckily, things should be a bit more comprehensible going forward, since the AHS: 1984 Episode 7 promo shows everyone returning to Redwood five years after the camp's second massacre. Warning: Spoilers for Episode 6 of AHS: 1984 follow.

Episode 6 of the throwback, slasher-themed season was truly all over the place in both space and time. Largely taking place in 1989, the episode caught up with the main characters's lives (or in some cases, afterlives) following the events that went down that fateful night in 1984. After helping cause the arrest of the Night Stalker, Mr. Jingles was living his content, happy "new" life in Alaska with a woman and a baby, both of whom he clearly loved. Margaret was revealed to have gotten into the haunted real estate game and was making tons of money off her new career. Trevor, who somehow survived Margaret's murder attempt back at the camp, was now married to his would-be killer as part of his blackmail scheme to get some of her money. And back at Redwood, the souls who are stuck there — including the counselors from Margaret's first killing spree — were stuck dealing with the murderous tendencies of some of their newest fellow ghosts, Montana and Xavier.


Then, of course, there's Brooke, who was blamed for the deaths at Redwood and was sentenced to her own death for the crimes. The episode revealed she was moved to the same prison inhabited by the Night Stalker, who instead of killing her, all of a sudden decided he wanted to save her with the help of his master (aka Satan, I guess). Though Brooke was given a lethal injection, she abruptly awoke at the end of the episode seemingly very much alive, and was greeted by Donna (aka Rita), who was revealed to be the undertaker who administered her injection.

At the end of the episode, it's made clear that everyone's going to be reuniting at Redwood soon. Margaret and Trevor are throwing a big music festival there; the Night Stalker wants to go see Billy Idol perform and also stir up some more trouble; Jingles realized he can't shed his old life after his wife was murdered; and the ghosts have no choice but to be present too, since they're stuck there. Add in the return of Donna and Brooke (plus the arrival of a new guy played by AHS vet Dylan McDermott) that's teased in the new promo, and you've got yourself a party.

Hopefully, once everyone's back in the same place, it'll be a lot easier to keep track of who is doing what and when. Maybe viewers will even be able to get to the bottom of why those dead folks are stuck at Camp Redwood once and for all.

AHS: 1984 (or should it be 1989 now?) continues at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 30, on FX.