The Advice My Older Sis Gave Me When I Was 18 About Adulting Helped Me Master It

My older sister has been my role model since day one. She is and always will be three steps ahead of me in life, and I'm follow along. From middle school to high school, it was easy to be her shadow. However, as I prepared to head off to college in New York, I realized that I wouldn't have my older sister there to help me along the way. That's when she gave me words of wisdom, and it's the advice my older sister gave me when I was 18 about adulting has stuck with me over the years.

These amazing pieces of advice helped me master adulthood in the best way I can. We all know that there's a delicate work-life balance that can easily be thrown off. You want to live your best life, thrive in your career, and do this adulting thing right. You also need to carve out some "me time" and invest time in the people who matter most in your world. That's a lot to juggle when you're in your 20s, but you're very capable to do it with the right techniques.

I think I've been pretty good about walking the line of work and fun, and I owe it all to these eight things my sister told me right before I went off to college.

Invest Time In The Friendships That Matter, And They Will Last Forever
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My sister has been best friends with the same group since elementary school. I always wonder how she's been able to keep her same crew over the years, and it's because of the time she puts into those relationships. Even if they're long-distance, she makes an effort to reach out and see them whenever she can. She told me that no matter how busy life gets, you need to make time for the people you care about keeping.

Say "No" To Plans You Have No Interest In Doing
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My sister was very good at saying "no" to me as a kid, and I totally get it. I was the annoying little sister, but this was actually very useful advice.

She taught me that you don't have to feel obligated to do any plan you're not about. It's a waste of your time to say "yes" when all you really want to do is say "no." Use your energy for things that matter.

Find A Morning Routine That Motivates You
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Your morning routine can really make or break your day. With just the right inspiration early on in the day, you can tackle everything that comes your way. Find a routine that works for you, like doing a rejuvenating skincare regime while listening to a playlist of your favorite jams.

Start Saving Your Money Now

I like to spend my money, and my sister is a saver. She warned me right away about the dangers that can come with adulthood freedom, including the consequences of spending too much money. That's why I started saving right away. It may be slow to grow, but over time, it'll be worth it.

Find And Celebrate The Simple Pleasures
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When adulting gets stressful, my sister taught me to invest in the things that bring me joy. She's the best at creating playlists that put her in a good mood, and that's something I've taken from her.

Invest In Experiences Over Material "Things"

My sister was quick to tell me to invest in experiences over material "things." I learned that going to see a favorite band in concert, or traveling to visit a best friend who lives in a different state are so much more fulfilling than another knickknack on the shelf.

Don’t Dwell On Things You Can't Change Or Fix

My sister forewarned me that sometimes when you're adulting, there are things that won't go according to plan. The easiest way to deal with it all is to not worry about the little things you can't change or fix. It's better to focus on the solutions rather than the "what ifs."

Catch Up On Sleep Whenever You Can
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My sister loves to sleep. She's the definition of a nap queen. In fact, she's the one to remind me that I should catch up on sleep whenever I can. I've learned that a good night's rest can help out a lot in tackling some of life's unexpected curveballs.