8 Extraordinary Things About Having A Little Sis That You Appreciate When You're Both In Your 20s

Having a sister you're really close to has you feeling blessed on the daily. You love that you were basically given a best friend for life. As the older sister, you had someone following in your footsteps and looking up to you as a role model. She was your responsibility, and you always kept an eye on her. Along with your big sister duties, there are a ton of benefits that come with your role as well. These are some of the best things about having a little sister that you wouldn't trade for the world.

Depending on when you were born determines a lot about what role you play in your family. Growing up, you were the mature older one to your loving little sister. That sister dynamic is a little hard to explain to an outsider, but basically, having a baby sis means that you get these eight perks. Now that you're both in your 20s, those perks are brought to the next level.

It's like you were handed a new job the day your sister was born. You didn't even have to apply for it. Along with the new role, you were also given these cool benefits that are exclusive to older siblings. For that alone, you're forever grateful to your parents for giving you the best gift ever: your sister.

She Taught You Responsibility
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Growing up, you were put in charge of your little sis a lot. She helped you become the best babysitter ever. You learned the meaning of responsibility pretty early on in life, and it's a major reason why you're crushing adulthood right now.

She's Always There For You
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Whenever you need to talk, your little sis is just a text or phone call away. (I know that I would drop literally anything I'm doing in order to help out my big sis, because I owe her from all the things she's helped me with over the years.)

She Gives You An Ego Boost
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Your little sis has looked up to you since day one. She loved the same boy bands as you, and wore the same clothes, too. It's an ego boost to know that someone thinks you're the coolest girl in the world. Even on the worst days, you feel a whole lot better knowing that your sis thinks so highly of you.

She Keeps All Of Your Secrets
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Sisters are great at keeping secrets, but you know your little sis is like a vault. You can trust her with anything. Every little thing you share just between the two of you brings you closer together, and she would never want to break that bond. She's even kept some secrets that have lasted decades, and you really can't find that dedication anywhere else.

You Constantly Laugh Whenever You're Together
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Over the years, you've had so many inside jokes together. You don't even have to say anything to get your little sister to chuckle. A simple glance could have you both laughing so hard you could cry.

She's Trendy AF
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Your little sis keeps you up-to-date on whatever's trending. She's your go-to resource when you're not caught up on some pop culture situation or trend everyone's talking about. She may have borrowed from your closet when you were kids, but now, you honestly want to raid hers.

She's Your Biggest Fan

Since you were little, your sis has always been your biggest fan. You could do no wrong in her eyes. She will always be cheering you on, and it's just the boost you need to keep on pushing for that dream job promotion.

She's Always Down To Hang Out

Your little sis is always down to hang out with you. Even if you live long-distance from each other now, she will take trips to visit you so you can catch up. She is your fave travel buddy, and always down to explore the globe with you.