10 Thank Yous Every Girl Owes Her Big Sister, Because She's Always Been There

The bond you have with your older sister is a special one. Growing up, you always had a best friend to do things with and confide in when you needed to talk. You feel especially lucky, because you were the little sis and you were blessed with the greatest big sister in the world. You love her so much, and there many things to thank your older sister for that you probably don't get to say as often as you'd like.

Obviously, she doesn't need to hear you say, "thanks," but you feel so much better letting her know just how much she means to you. With my sister, she was always the role model I looked up to. She had a closet I always wanted to steal from, and had the coolest group of friends I wanted to squeeze my way into. Not only was she my role model, but she was always there for me when I needed to vent or just wanted to hang out.

Your sister probably is the same for you. As the little sister in the fam, you're guaranteed the greatest BFF for the rest of your life, because you have your older sister who possesses these 10 things that makes her so unique. So, now's the time to send an out-of-the-blue text thanking her for all she's done for you over the years, because she deserves the love.

For Leading The Way
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Your older sister experienced everything first like high school, college, and now adulthood. Since you had your cool sis paving the way for you, you knew exactly how to embrace these milestones like a pro. It was like you had the perfect road map to follow, and she was your GPS guiding you along the way.

For Being The One Person You Feel Totally Comfortable Around
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To this day, you can always count on your older sis to be completely honest with you and take every secret you share with her to the grave. I go to my older sister often, because I feel no shame venting to her when I'm having a rough time or did something embarrassing. She's there to make me feel better, and I know she'd never tell anyone else.

For Her Wise Words That Get You Through It All
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Your sister is the perfect person to go to for advice. Not only has she been there and done that, but she can cater her advice to you in the best way possible. She knows you better than anyone else, so whatever she tells you is advice you specifically need to hear, and it's gotten you through everything.

For Being There For You Since Day One

Your older sister has been there since day one. In fact, my older sister was there in the hospital the day I was born to give me my first every gift: a teddy bear. There may not be a ton of people you can say have had your back for that long, and you know since your sis is family, she's not going anywhere anytime soon.

For Being Completely Honest With You, Even When You Don't Want To Hear It
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It may be brutal at times, but you love how honest your older sister is with you. She knows how to tell you the truth, so that you understand, but also it doesn't hurt you. I know my older sister has definitely let me know when I'm being annoying, and even though I hate to hear it, she's always right. (Just don't tell her I said that!)

For Always Being There For You, Despite The Distance

Your older sister may have gone away to college, and it was your first experience dealing with long-distance. Now, you may both live in different places, but you're able to make the sisterhood work, because you're still there for each other. It doesn't matter how many miles apart you are, your sister is just a phone call, FaceTime, or text away.

For Defending You Whenever You Need It
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Growing up, your sister was your protector. That meant that if another kid stole your chalk at playtime, she would step in to shut it down. She has had and always will have your back, no questions asked.

For Being The Best Role Model
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You've always looked up to your sister. You may have two totally different personalities and interests, but she inspired you growing up. Even if you are on different career paths now that you're adults, you still admire how hard she works and how much she's accomplished.

For Taking Care Of You
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As much as you hated being babied by your older sister, you do appreciate how much she cares for you. Growing up, she took you under her wings whenever things got messy with friend drama and the like. I know I still rely on my sister to help me out when adulting is overwhelming AF.

For Being Your Best Friend, No Matter What

The best perk of having a sister is knowing that you always have a best friend forever. She is family, so she's always there for you and will always love you endlessly. You just get the best deal out of the relationship, because your best friend for life is a cool older girl who consistently inspires you.